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  • From: Surendra Pathak <pathak06@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2014 17:26:41 +0530

Dear all,

The objectives of the *Worldwide peace organization (WWPO)* are very good.
I would like to be a member of WWPO. I would like to work on 'Peace
Education Curriculum Research and Development'.

Thanking you with regards,

Dr. Surendra Pathak,

*Professor & Head, Department of Value Education, **Direc**tor-Research &
Dean-Social Sciences**, *

*Project Director**: Interdisciplinary Research Projects & World Conference
on Existential Harmony  **(*www.existentialharmony.org/*) *
*Vice President GHA, President- GHA-INDIA * (www.peacefromharmony.org),
*Special Consultant* :IAEWP (www.iaewp.org),
*Member, WCPA* (www.wcpa.biz/),
*Member, Advisory Board* : Ground Report India www.groundreportindia.com
<http://www.groundreportindia.com/p/advisory-boards.html> websites :

*IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya  Mandir, Sardarshahar, 331401,
Dist-Churu, Rajasthan, India, Mobile: +91-9414086007,
<http://www.iaseuniversity.org.in>, www.gandhividyamandir.org.in
<http://www.gandhividyamandir.org.in>, www.bttc-gvm.org.in/
<http://www.bttc-gvm.org.in/>, www.iaseve.org.in <http://www.iaseve.org.in>*

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>  I measure the value of this work. I am very impressed by your legally
> remarks about systematic education, as humbly , I send you an
> acknowledgment .
> .For this reason, I suggest the main lines for this education to be fine
> stranded and discussed democratically by all members:
> Membership is open to all those who share its values.
> The objectives of the *Worldwide peace organization (WWPO)* are:
> -To work for the consolidation of peace  making and democracy keeping;
> -To propagate culture of education of peace;
> -To improve the role and empowerment of women in the community;
> -To urge the youth in the development of  peace in their communities;
> -To spread the concept of peace  and good governance among the people;
> -To combat the bad practices that affect women and children's health;
> -To eradicate poverty;
> -To rehabilitate the areas affected by, terrorism, wars, conflicts and
> natural disasters;
> - To prepare and develop research projects and studies that meet the goals
> of modern society and intercultural understanding.
> *(WWPO )publish training manuals on conflict resolution, skills of the
> leaders of peace, gender equality and human rights. It will also establish
> regular meetings on a variety of topics relating to (WWPO )   , and
> developing youth workshops on peace. It  will learn a lot of work to do
> with young people to reconciliation and to build a modern society.*
> *The Questions?*
> *(WWPO* )hopes to extend this initiative to all regions of the planet.
> What services are provided?
> Geographic area  of the operation?
> Financial ressources:?
> .
> Organizations involved?
> At the last, I suggest this approach for peace:
> 1-The transition from a culture of hatred towards a culture of peace
> 2-Resources for peace educators
> 3-Peace Education Curriculum Research and Development
> 4-Coping with existing programs in conflict
> 5-Using media in education for Peace
> 6-Using the arts in education for Peace
> 7-Virtual peace education-using the internet in education of peace
>  8-Education of peace in the educational field in "youth centers, youth
> organizations, clubs, etc..
> 9-Institualisation of education of peace " formal education systems
> With love and pesace
> Ammar Banni / Poet / Author / Professor of education/Algeria
> Added by Bruce Cook
> Greetings all,
> I commend everyone for this meaningful discussion. It is so important to
> discuss our objectives at this beginning.
> I have thought of three purposes to add, although they (like others) will
> overlap with those already formulated. But I think they do have special,
> independent, importance. Let me try stating them here in rough draft form,
> with eager anticipation for any changes that seem appropriate. Perhaps
> they are too specific for our list.
>    - To develop theoretical underpinnings for peacemaking, including
>    possible strategies that might suggest practical strategies for peace.
>    - To examine the relationship among personal, family, community,
>    regional, and national dimensions of peacemaking.
>    - To examine the roles of media, communication and language in
>    peacemaking.
> Blessings,
> Bruce Cook

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