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Firstly, a few words about the site.  The first impression is  lot of grey
buildings.  I would add to the mission statement the fact that constructing
peace enables cooperation at a greater level in the world than ever before!
This brings joy, happiness, colour, brightness and wanting more.  So maybe a
bit more colour in the first impression, and sounds of music and people
laughing and building community!  It needs a catchy song  - there's a
commercial on our TV that says, as a man goes swimming, that being human is
fun!  Different musical instruments from different countries, and especially
the way that some African singers sing without a musical instrument at all
are  fascinating and uplifting and joyful.  There is an African group who
sing the Amen going up higher and higher I think with Andre Rieur .you
wonder how they go up so high!   But we all can go up high and higher with
the help of friends who are committed to working together.  Photos and
sounds of happy children are always wonderful.  John and I went shopping
yesterday and sat down and watched all the young parents with their children
who all looked very happy.  One beautiful baby was sitting in a high chair
and I waved at him and he gave me the most beautiful smile you could ever
image.  It made my day.  We live by the sea outside of Melboure and the
houses are cheaper here and so we have this influx of young families.
Sound is very important.  Happy sounds get people in.  John is going into
hospital tomorrow so I am doing all this quickly now to get it to you.  Use
what you want, with my love, Hilarie Roseman

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