[wwpoenglish] Violence is the mother of violence By Maria Cristina Azcona

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*Violence is the mother of violence*

*By Maria Cristina Azcona*

Which are the authentic reasons to strike into other nations? Hegemony,
power or the need of indispensable resources? The consequences of war
endure centuries. Violence is the mother of violence

So, is it possible to establish Peace on Earth?

Is it possible to save the world from a nuclear ending?

Yes, it is, if humanity builds a new order, over the shoulders of
international respect and understanding. A new order must prevail, based in
respect of human rights without differences based in color, race or
nationality. A harmonious world where to see our children grow, in Peace

We can define Peace as one of the most important values because it leads
human society towards the protection of life. Peace allows life to grow,
culture to be developed and systematic education and non-systematic
education to be forwarded and transmitted.

Peace is a value because it is an achievement, a precious treasure for
individuals, families and social groups. Peace is a human right; because
any person has the right to live in peace and to see children grow in a
nonviolent environment.

Peace is a duty because all of us have the moral responsibility to maintain
its spirit and to promote it, wherever we go. Peace is like a crystal jar,
manufactured by a million hands through history. When its equilibrium
becomes unstable and it breaks down, its fragments are spread and they stab
into a million hearts. From there, a new chain of cooperative work, with
the unique help of education, reaches a new stability enforcing its
strength increasingly each time peace is re established.

Bilingual Literature is an advance in international understanding. It
creates bridges of communication where high spiritual values like Truth,
Justice and Solidarity flow from one point to the other. To educate the
illiterates is a moral obligation of all citizens in the world.
Bilingualism allows us to multiply the human resources to make it possible,
to educate many persons in record time.

Peace Education through Literature is not only a possibility to be studied
and researched by experts worldwide, but a moral duty of any educator who
has became aware of the significance of these matters for the future of the
Global Village.

Cristina Azcona-ARGENTINA*

*Lic.María Cristina Azcona*

*Orientadora Familiar*

WWPO Founder President <http://www.wwpo%2Corg/>

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