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Thanks for commenting on my abstract on Communication and Peacebuilding. I
have made revisions on the basis of your suggestions and again
invite everyone to send examples of occasions where communication (and in
education in communication) have been effective in peacemaking.

Thank you,


*Communication and Peacebuilding: The Role of Social Media and Publicity*

*Proposed Chapter for “Creating Harmonious Civilization-A New Paradigm in

*By Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.*


This study suggests that education and communication constitute a vital
role in peacebuilding. In this light, communication has the potential to be
more effective in peacemaking than traditional weapons of war.

Effective communication has the potential to threaten oppressors - those
seeking power for its own sake – for example, Hitler, the “Big Men” of
African governance, and ISIS.

Oppressors intimidate their subjects using inhumane acts and journalistic
censorship to engender fear and therefore submission. As a result, the
oppressor plans to receive universal respect.

This study suggests that peace can emerge when education and communication
use peaceful methods to afflict oppressors with enough fear that they will
become convinced to change their mind.

At this point in studying the process, two forms of communication are seen
to have a discernable effect – *free expression* and *social media*. Both
strands of communication – free expression and social media – are needed to
create panic and fear in oppressors.

It is essential to protect journalists and social media bloggers who make
sure the inhumane actions of oppressors are known to a worldwide audience.
Education in communication can help to make such communication anonymous so
that oppressors will be unable to punish these courageous communicators.

If such communication is successful, the general public will view the
oppressors with disgust, rather than the universal respect they thirst for.
In this way, communication can undermine the oppressors without firing a

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