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  • From: María Cristina Azcona <mcrisazcona@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Ajay Singh <ajay_deepg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 10:35:03 -0300

Hi Ajay
Your statements are an interesting basis for debate
I request all members a response to Ajay
In my opinion is truly difficult to make all religions in one but not
difficult to create a Unión of all like an interreligioso forum
It has been initiated in Astana only to give an example

I propose to cowrite a letter directed to the Pope,Dalai Lama,etc about
your idea
but in the sense of a coalition por association

María Cristina Azcona


WWPO President founder

IFLAC Director in Central &South america

El jun 22, 2015 5:47 AM, "Ajay Singh" <ajay_deepg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

María Cristina Azcona
Founder President (WWPO)
Bruce L. Cook
Vice President (WWPO)

With Greatest Respect,
Hon, Madam\ Sir,

I am impressed by your great vision and seeking your instruction and
support to extend the great vision of WWPO, including the issues of WCPA
and IPCTV.

I am struggling from last 23 years, to search out a “unanimous conclusion”
of the religious conflicts that creating the basis for terrorism and war.
The concept appears in short form of literature, that designed to define
the mind and spirit of human kind, without disgracing the belief of any
human being.

The efforts only to reveal the true facts of the problems, will never get
the solution, without exploring to the depth of the problems.

Let us ask the world literate communities, to bring all the religious
definitions in one idea, within scientific insight, following the history
of humankind on Earth. . It will help the world leadership and the leading
religious instructors who thirst for a unanimous conclusion for global
security in the current predicament of nuclear proliferation, terrorism and
war, within the context of the moral crisis in political ethics and
religious conflicts

Looking forward for your kind response to discuss the further strategy.

Sincerely Yours
Ajay Singh

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