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Many blessings. On this special day let us acknowledge the error of ages in 
peace work which comes from an unwillingness to embrace the leadership of women 
in pursuit of harmony and peace. Truly,  we need to look to women for their 
creativity and sensitivity in approaching peace. 

Warm personal regards


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Blessings to all!
Blessings to women in this day! Women in harmony! Body,spirit and thoughts!
Blessings to all that are building Peace and protectings Peace in all the pure 
sense of respect,Humility and Kindess..
Love and Congratulations!
Susana Roberts
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Subject: Re: Peace flag Bandera de la paz

Dear Maria and all,
thank you for these good news! WWPO deserves this title because it works for 
universal peace!
with peace and love.
Ammar Banni

Le Dimanche 8 mars 2015 15h23, María Cristina Azcona <mcrisazcona@xxxxxxxxx> a 
écrit :

Dear colleagues
WWPO will receive the title of Peace Embassy from an Argentinean Peace Ngo 
calles Mil Milenios (Ines Palomeque) and Maria CRISTINA as Peace Ambassador 
will receive Roering peace flag in a next event in Buenos Aires
Will keep you all informed
Many thanks and congrats to all WWPO menbers and authorities
Specially to Prof Bruce Cook WWPO vicepresident founder and Dr Ernesto 
Kahan,WWPO Honorary President and founder

Queridos colegas
WWPO será Embajada de la Paz para Mil Milenios de Paz (Ines Palomeque)
y Maria Cristina Azcona recibirá como Embajadora de la Paz,la bandera Roering 
de la paz en un próximo evento
Los mantendremos informados
Muchas gracias y felicitaciones a todos los miembros y autoridades
Especialmente para el Profesor  Bruce Cook  Vicepresidente Fundador y  el Dr 
Ernesto Kahan Presidente Honorario fundador
Maria Cristina Azcona
President founder
Organización por la Paz Mundial
Worldwide Peace Organización

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