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On education (Maria Christina)

I agree with the idea that education is the guidance of the young human
being to freedom, justice and peace, development of physical and
intellectual habits, will power, emotional intelligence and moral
intelligence.  The weak point in education of the human being is at the
family level - education for the major relationship of marriage, and the
also major educational task of the development of children.

Application of Family Life Education:

Firstly, I wish to paint a word picture of a woman when she delivered twins
in a major hospital as a public patient.  The rules of the hospital were
that she was only allowed to keep the hospital bed for 3 nights  The first
night, she delivered the twins.  She had 2 nights left, after a very
difficult birth, and she was covered in a dreadful hormonal rash.  She had
to go home without her milk production in place, and still very wobbly.  I
understand that in some countries you would not even get 3 nights in a
hospital.  This woman had arranged private help when she got home, but I
thought that a pregnant woman was not enough respected.  For the beginning
of a child's life, it is my opinion that pregnant women, and the birth of
their babies, should be more respected, and more time and energy given to
making sure that the government/community enable women to go home with
feeding and medical problems adequately attended to.  This indeed is the
first experience of life on earth, and this is where the education should
begin also. 


My second experience was seen through the eyes of a doctor in Melbourne who
worked in one of the outer suburbs.  He told me how distressed he was when
he went into the Child Care Centres and saw whole wards filled with new born
babies because their mothers had to go straight back to work after birth
because they had to help pay the mortgage on their home.  Now once again, I
know that in some countries there might not be a home to go to.  The point
of distress for the doctor was that infections quickly travelled in large
wards of new born babies, and they all became at risk of every infection
that came their way. This then is the second experience of the new born
baby.  It is my opinion that a well-cared for mother, who has in depth
education about the birth and the needs of her new baby can give better and
deeper and more loving care than a Child Care Centre.


Third experience.  I vividly remember a conference I went to on "Family
Power for Social Change" - an ecumenical programme from the World Council of
Churches, and the time was over twenty five years ago.  We had to identify
agencies and issues that impinged on families.  "If we are to exercise
family power for social change, there needs to be a focus on real situations
rather than theoretical ones.  An attempt was made, therefore at the
conference to do this, beginning with the families of those attending.
Using a format of concentric circles, with themselves at the centre, each
participant was invited to reflect on the actual relationship existing in
their families, using colours, symbols and distance from the centre, to
portray the relationships and feelings towards various family members.  In
addition, each listed agencies involved with their families, again
indicating relationships and feelings using colours, symbols, distance and

The conference reflections:

Society.  Society generates and supports distorted value systems which show
up in sexism, racism, neglect of the aged.  These influences affect the way
society operates, especially towards more isolated groups and oppressed
minorities.  It can be difficult to prevent these attitudes from influencing
the family itself.


Social structures On a wider structural area there are vast concentrations
of power, for example in multi-national companies  These and other large
power structures limit the choices of individuals and families  Governments
and the media control the flow of information so that often people may lack
the information necessary for a fully informed choice.

This cannot be said of today, which brings us to Social Media.


Bruce, I come from a family of journalists.  Your theories of stopping wars
with words instead of guns brings forth more negative than positive
emotions.  My uncle, Noel Monks, was a war correspondent in the Second World
War.  He was working with the London newspapers, and he also wrote about
what was happening in Spain during the Spanish war, especially about what
Franco was doing.  Franco put a large sum of money on his head for capture,
and the Catholic Church excommunicated him.  The stories are the same today,
men telling the truth about what is happening and languishing in Egyptian
jails, Ecuadorian Embassies in London, and also one flying into Russia for
help.  Not to mention the journalists that ISIS has beheaded in full media

Yes, I do agree with freedom of expression, and it is good to see the truth
exposed.  Social media of course has also given people many other different
ways of thinking, and a lot more information.  But is it all true?  The tale
spinners are right in there spinning away, and the theorists say, about war,
that those who can get pictures of the most victims will win the war.  There
are other ways that words can win a war, if the intention is there.  Those
people who are determined for peace, and who will put the time in to listen
to other people from the opposite side as to their desire for peace also,
can, I believe, find the energy to take one step together.  It happened in
Ireland, and in South Africa it all began when a Christian walked out of his
job and became a member of parliament and stood up every time the Christian
government did something that was not Christian.  So, he was the truth sayer
in that situation, and he also headed up the Truth and Reconciliation

The truth will set you free!!  But sometimes it puts you into jail!!!  To
find out what the truth really is in these days of tale spinning is a big
ask.  To deceive you line up about five or six truthful sayings, and then
pop in something that is untrue.  However, I do agree whole heartedly that
the truth enables you to see more clearly what your own response should be.

Hilarie Roseman - in hope - and with blessings for all



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