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Harmonious Peace

Maria Cristina Azcona

Once upon a time a social group,

far away from this place

Started to fight one against the other

Without pause or grace

There was a diversity of opinions

So intense and rare,

That it seemed impossible

to find a way out of there

Anyway, by miracle it seemed,

One of them imposed

a sense of humor never seen

and everybody learned at the time

to discuss in a better state of mind

Peace arrives from harmony and it is time

To investigate and research

On harmonious personalities:

Harmonious sense of humor,

Harmonious sense of life,

Harmonious way of communication, and

Harmonious motives to continuous smile.


Report about


It was created with the aim of developing a force capable of spreading a
massive and international wave of love and harmonious peace throughout the
world;  We feel we are capable  to  overcome once and for all the negative
energies of violence, hatred and war, terrorism, the blood of innocents,
genocide and death in general.

We want to end rudeness worldwide leading to poor management of aggressive
impulses in the couple, the family, the neighborhood, the city, the country
and the world

We will use all possible means and especially our intellectual literary
talent and our ability to generate a  free space for reflection thoughts
and interchanging of ideas  where respect for each other's ideas is the key
to open the closed minds

The key is how we treat each other, at home, at work, at school and in NGOs
where often it is  done exactly the opposite of what  is preached

The idea is to create a new style of social harmony among us, and a
technique to resolve conflicts peacefully

We can do it, we are many and increasingly will be more.

You can be part of this collective endeavor for peace by simply sending an
email saying YES, I WANT

Your name will integrate a list and  you will be able to start  to
participate following the simple instructions which we will send you by
return mail

You are essential in our group of people who want a better world for future
generations, greener, purer, more caring and  in general,  more harmonious
and peaceful

Contact us now

Founder President: Prof. Maria Cristina Azcona

Vice President Founder: Prof. Bruce Cook

Honorary President: Dr. Ernesto Kahan

OUR WEBSITE   www.wwpo.org


We have created 2 groups



we are translating all messages from one group to the other to produce
intercultural encountering among spanish and english talking members


* Contact us: *

*mcrisazcona@xxxxxxxxx <mcrisazcona@xxxxxxxxx>*


 *cookcomm@xxxxxxxxx <cookcomm@xxxxxxxxx>*





Worldwide Peace Organization is a group of human beings, mostly writers,
educators, philosophers, scholars, academicians and ordinary citizens, who
really want to change reality towards a better future for humankind.

We think we can help the world to  live  free  of  terrorism, war and
international conflicts through the interaction between intellectuals  from
 different cultures.

We develop strategies based on our writing and intellectual skills to
convince the powerful governments and religious leaders around the world to
work together to stop the massacres, assassinations and wars in the world.

We have a strict set of values ​​where human life is at the top of the
pyramid, especially children of any nationality.

We act for the realization of our dreams. This action is through
publications, letters, articles and books in pro of adult education,
continuing education of the population and  education of childhood.

We think that world peace springs from the social harmony, and believe that
social harmony is born in the inner world, through inner peace, then a
peaceful family group and then neighborhoods, cities, and countries full of
social harmony.

As well we believe that social peace and harmony arrives through just
economic, political, and social arrangements that respect universal human
dignity, equality, and freedom.

We work to produce educational, literary contests and many activities for
children, adolescents and adults, to  make them  awake and conscientious
 and become aware and see what is going on around, how the planet Earth is
becoming a bad place where darkness and death lurking under our noses.

We create Internet groups to discuss these values ​​and do joint research,
working together from a global perspective through email, Skype, LinkedIn,
Facebook, and use all kinds of Internet tools.

  This interaction focuses on the realization of research on the causes and
consequences of war, terrorism, and family and social violence. We believe
that through articles and books as multiple co-authors, we will be able to
create a better world for the formation of a new paradigm for future
generations. Education of children is also one of our goals. We believe
that children are the hope and the seeds of a peaceful world.

We are sure that there is a duty to preserve the environment as the basis
of human life in a climate of respect. We also believe that inner peace and
des stress are the starting point for international peace and should be
transmitted in schools and homes .We are able to write  letters and
organize events to convince the authorities to change their mind and use
their  power to create state policies and regulations  around this idea of
​​peace from the social harmony



We need to be coauthors of WWPO mission and institutional charter around
several topics

1.-How to build peace on Earth through...sistematic and non sistematic
education, justice, inner peace , enviromental preservation

2)How to end international conflictiveness through  letters to politicians
and petitions

3) Is it possible to create a new global citizenship?

4) Do we need a new global government in rotation?

5)Submit your ideas and topics or even short articles on the body of the

Your opinions are seriously taken in consideration to further publication
in collective projects, books and more.

Please dare to talk we are all ears


*Maria Cristina Azcona*

*Peace arrives from harmony  *

Peace is a value, a human right, a duty, a condition but also a climate. We
can define Peace as a dynamic energy that is the root of life. Peace can be
classified in inner peace, family peace and social peace. It is a value
because it is an achievement, a precious treasure for individuals, families
and social groups. Peace is a human right; because any person has the right
to live in peace and to see his or her children grow in a peaceful
environment. Peace is a duty because all of us have the moral
responsibility to maintain the peace and to promote it at every place and
at every moment. Peace is a condition for natural life and for the growth
of a healthy culture and a healthy society. But first and foremost, Peace
is a climate, and ambiance and an atmosphere that is characterized by
harmony, and concord. Peace is a dynamic energy because its powerful
strength allows the best part of our souls to produce art, lyrics and good
actions. This is what we may define as the mystery of Peace. Harmony may be
defined as (Webster Dictionary) The just adaptation of parts to each other,
in any system or combination of things, or in things, or things intended to
form a connected whole; such an agreement between the different parts of a
design or composition as to produce unity of effect; as, the harmony of the
universe or as: Concord or agreement in facts, opinions, manners,
interests, etc.; good correspondence; peace and friendship; as, good
citizens live in harmony. So, we may find easily the relation between peace
and harmony as harmonious relationships bring peace towards the
intervenient parts. But: How we possibly learn as society how to make our
relationships, the net of human social relations to become harmonious
instead of conflictive? Is harmonious different from conflictive? Or is it
a “way” to resolve conflicts in a harmonious way? In daily life, among
people and authorities, into democratic parties, into family groups,
friends groups, and more, we will never find the absence of conflict. In
contrary, we fall on time to time, in many situations that remain us of
those knots in a golden chain. When a gold medal is sustained by a chain,
it is so fragile that it makes knots in itself is a common thing to happen.
There is only one way to resolve the knot and disarm it: By using a needle,
a metal needle to simply enlarge the knot and make it disappear and the
chain is again useful and relieved. In human relationships, there are many
critical “knots”, and crisis and it is part of human bondage, so it is
impossible to avoid conflicts into the social group. But: we may transform
the crisis, the conflict itself in a useful system or tool to produce
harmonization in the group relations. How?  In front of a wave, we may find
three different ways of avoiding its destructive effect.1.-By swimming
below the wave 2.-By jumping over it3.-By surfing the wave. The conflict is
a wave of sorrow and anguish. In any human group, there are members who
avoid the confrontation and simply remain absent, silent, passive and
inactive during the critical period. There are others who confront the
opponent (who differs in ideas and ways of thinking) with aggressive bitter
expressions. But there is a third type of attitude, a third position that
reveals the capability of human beings to resolve crisis by using a
harmonizing way of resolution. They “surf” the problem, by managing the
language, by using a revolutionary method to communicate themselves with
the opponents. Let us see the steps in this third position: The wave is
near. The surfer takes the surfing table and swims on the wave.(The member
gets into the discussion by messages full of counseling tips and doesn’t
put him or herself in the position of an opponent. He (she) puts him or
herself in the position of a counselor towards the entire group including
him or herself too. The surfer stands up over the table and harmoniously
moves, meticulously by compensating the watery movements by calculated
short and detailed movements of the surfing table…The member maintains
his/her presence active into the discussion, never stops his/her
participation, responds to all the messages, always quiet, always serene,
always focused but never aggressive or bitter. The member keeps the humor,
the smile, his/her tranquility and makes all kind of efforts to control
his-her own temper, and impulsiveness, trying to follow up the problem till
a good ending. This member has found out a system to harmonize the
discussion. Then peace arrives as a result of a contagious type of
communication, a sincere, placid and unaggressive way of being into a
group. This member has leaded the group to a happy ending of the crisis.
The rest on time will try to imitate this attitude for seeing it as useful.
So, I may define social harmony, in a practical way, as the result of a
human effort in the direction of the development of creative, pacific
solutions to the social crisis that arrive from discussions and the
unresolved different opinions towards a solution of any conflict.

*María Cristina Azcona*

*WWPO president*

*María Cristina Azcona*

*María Cristina Azcona*

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