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Humanity. Video Evidence for an International Tribunal”
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Thanks also to Dr. Leo Semashko, for his tireless efforts, and to Frank
Dorrel and his associates for putting together this proof of military
complicity, since WWII, in attempting to bully the entire world. It's fair
to ask, who or what is behind this conspiracy of ill intent. It's easy to
point the finger at this or that nation, this or that leader, this or that
secret group, such as the Illuminati or a banker elite, for which others
have provided mountains of evidence. None of our finger pointing solves the
problem, as those in power gain more and more power, and those who expose
them are eliminated by various means, including stroke & fake suicide.

For 12 months I have appealed to every UN nation state, including UN
observers, to treaty with off-planet beings who have our backs, want
nothing from us except permission to destroy nuclear weapons and all other
ways to destroy our planet. On Jan. 7 a final appeal failed due to trust
issues, both sides, so a temporary protectorate was established & all
nuclear weapons deactivated.

Evidence of this surfaced when several attempts to escalate conflicts
failed, left Qs. unanswered as to what occurred, failed to be triggers for
WWIII. Leaders on the firing line know they are being used, confer behind
the scenes, to avoid being eliminated for failing to follow orders given,
by those who pull the strings. Peace groups know to not falsely accuse
sincere efforts to instruct. Those who ignore this courtesy reveal their
agenda, which is not what they pretend. I've had this happen twice, in
recent days.

For this reason, I ask those who receive this message to not engage in
questioning each other's motives, re: information shared. Political
activism is not a dirty word, until it takes up arms to shoot down those
suspected, and charged without evidence of ill intent. For 60 years I've
been on the firing line, falsely accused of every evil deed imaginable,
except that of shedding blood. I thank you for reading this to the end, if
that's the case, instead of saying I'm this or that. My given name is Nancy
Ahrens, but I was required to take an aka to get a doctorate, earned many
years before, but credit given to others for my work. My aka is not gender
specific, so those who don't know me assume that I am male, but I'm not. I
have grandchildren who call me Gram. NJA.

  On Tuesday, March 17, 2015 11:01 AM, Prof. Ernesto Kahan <
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  I enjoyed the exchange letter and opinions among Kae, takis and Julia
Ernesto Kahan

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[gha-peace] Re: “U.S. War Crimes against Humanity. Video Evidence for an
International Tribunal”

2015-03-17 11:09 GMT+02:00 Julia Budnikova <budnikova@xxxxxxxxxx>:

 Dear Kae and Takis!
You write the correct things. Allow me to add some things. In 1945 the USA
created a nuclear bomb. It is obvious that its purpose was same, as at
Hitler who conducted development of the nuclear weapon. This purpose is
world hegemony. Japan was only the first test. The Soviet Union, the winner
of nazi Germany had to become the following purpose. The plan of blow to
the largest cities of Russia was already created. I ask to pay attention,
that this card exists, not I speak, it is told by the American historians.
Watch, for example, Oliver Stone's movie "Unwritten history of America".
And at this moment the Soviet Union declared that it too has a nuclear
weapon. The USA are compelled to refuse  a nuclear attack. From where at
Russia so quickly appeared an atomic bomb? Its secret was transferred to
the Russian scientist by the American scientists-nuclear physicists. They
through the Soviet agents came to the leadership of the Soviet Union and
declared that want to report a formula of atomic energy. They DIDN'T SELL
this formula, they gave it because they HAD CONSCIENCE. They understood
that one predominant force in the world it is death and slavery of the
whole world. The president Roosevelt at Yalta conference spoke about the
multipolar world after the end of World War II. But soon he was killed. The
party of war which leaned including on an atomic bomb came to the power. In
such situation Russia became a counterbalance and the guarantor of the
multipolar world. Russia itself never threatened nobody. You have no right
to reproach Russia. The death of Russia means death of the whole world. At
the beginning of 1990 the leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev
unilaterally started destroying rockets of average range. The USA too had
to reduce the arms. They didn't make ANYTHING. They deceived Russia in it
and that troops of NATO will remain on the line of the countries of the
former Warsaw pact. Again lie. Now guns of NATO stand already in 200
kilometers from St. Petersburg, the cities where I live. What do they do
there? The USA and Europe promised to the Soviet Union not to move military
bases to the east. They wanted that the Soviet Union allowed reunion of
Germany. Gorbachev then agreed, but only Russia kept the promise. Now
inspires the USA in the whole world that threat comes from Russia that
Russia prepares for war. It is bald lie which is necessary to America to
continue to rule the world and not to stop trying to destroy Russia. Takis
is right: we will receive the world through new consciousness of the
person. This most important. But in this new consciousness there can't be
an idea that Russia slows down peace process. Russia protects the balance
of forces in the modern world. Peaceful co-existence of the different
people it is national idea of our country. I ask it to understand
everything who calls himself peacemakers.

With love and respect
Julia Budnikova,
president GHA-Russia

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*Subject:* [gha-peace] Re: [gha-peace] Re: [gha-peace] Re: “U.S. War Crimes
against Humanity. Video Evidence for an International Tribunal”

 Dear Kae,
 I agree with you. But today, when a country which own Nuke weapons has
tendency to attack and destroy another country, which is the healthy

 I would like to add, that, as many countries keep Nuke weapons nowadays,
and their  control is based on humans minds and decisions, humanity is in
real danger.

 All these people who control Nuke weapons, should respect the human lives,
the existence of humanity and Nature as well.

 Lets all of us think that Humans cannot be enemies  at any reason.

 If sick minds control weapons, mostly Nuke weapons, biological weapons,
et.c. we all are responsible for them, if we don't  denounce them to global
 No one country has the right to guarantee the Global Peace using WEAPONS.
 The powerful countries nowadays are competitors in a race, which will make
more and most powerful weapons.

 On my opinion, as i wrote and published it years ago globally. is,


 It's a pity, when logical people support them, or close their eyes in this
awful crisis we all live today.

 with love and respect

 Takis Ioannides
 Citizen of Greece, the real victim of an economical war, in the name of
profit and power.

 2015-03-16 16:30 GMT+02:00 moriikae <moriikae@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

  Dear Dr. Leo,
 Our wish of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, No Nuke weapon in the world.   It's
not to crime US, but wish for the world peace.
 In 2010, US president Obama called it in Prague for the world.  Russia
agreed forwards No Nuke weapon.
 The war is about to break the peace fence.    In harmonious way, no one
can hoist one to target.
 Force can't solve any problem and worse.  I hope your peace initiative.
 Love, Kae Morii

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*From:* Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
*To:* Frank Dorrel <fdorrel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>; fdorrel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
*Cc:* gha-peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
*Date:* 2015/3/16, Mon 22:02
*Subject:* [gha-peace] Re: “U.S. War Crimes against Humanity. Video
Evidence for an International Tribunal”

 Dear Frank,

I was glad to publish all of your video evidences of the USA war crimes
against humanity, starting since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki in 1945, on a special page of our website “Peace from
Harmony” (*http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=616
<http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=616>*) with its banner: “U.S.
War Crimes against Humanity. Video Evidence for an International Tribunal”
on the main page and with my little editing and commentary.

Many thanks for your great work in peacemaking exposing the USA war crimes
against humanity, which are very important empirical base for Global Peace
Science (GPS) and which will be published in this book in January
2016: *www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585

The best harmony wishes,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President

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P.O. Box 3261
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 March 5, 2015

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