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Asunto: Prometheus. the inmortal looking for Hercules to be saved from its
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Dear friends, Translation to spanish avaailable if desired, Joseph

Too many traffic accidents on the road to my weekend destiny made me stay
home,--- good for the soul. In the quietness of these holy days, I am
enjoying a much needed encounter with myself. I am posed in retrospective
somewhere in time, walking my 20 years along 5th Avenue, toward Saint
Patrick Church, pass 42nd, Avenue, the NY library, tired just for looking
the world resting on Atlas shoulders, thoughful upon the sight of
Prometeus nested in the fountain below the Rockefeller empire, its majesty
proyected beyond the clouded skies of that long long winter of 1954.

Late I am to begin writing the echoes of those day when life, istead of
beeing light, was a shadow in the confines of my fate. The Rockettes of
Radio City were not with their long legs of silk, balsam to my pains, only
made me kick out my thougts of despair. Easter came and I was born again,
to die a millon deaths beyond the bells,

HERE I AM 6O years later,very much alive proving the existence of God. I am
walking on to the longesty road of my entire life... but am not Atlas to
carry on the weight. Only Prometeus, stealer of fire , *Prometheu*
<http://www.greekmythology.com/Titans/Prometheus/prometheus.html>*s* the
inmortal looking for Hercules to be saved from its chains.

Yes, I will return one day to land of the brave, to seek fortunes of love
and peace to bring it back to these lands of war and duels. Yes I will
nest for a while in the greens of my adopted land, yes I will listen to
all she has to say.yes, I will take all she has has to offer, yes I will
fly back to the South of my journey...and back up to the north of my
hopes... and...back,,

YES, I am building an empire of dreams, Yes, I am converting the hours into
years, drawing time with pens of faith,Yes I am asking you and all the
poets and all muses under the heavens to see beyond my vision and seek
to unchain the Prometheus of tomorrow to unveil the myth and steal the
fire to light the path to peace of all the youth of the universe. When
the mission is completed, I will then rest in peace with Hercules,


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