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María Cristina Azcona


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Asunto: Open Peace letters to Hamas Leaders by IFLAC
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Dear al- Monitor Editor,

I was very glad to read on Al-Monitor, about the growing number of young
people in Arab countries: Egypt, Iraq,

Saoudi Arabia, Yemen, and others, who write that they "Love Israel!"


At "IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of
Peace," we have written Open Peace

Letters (in English and Hebrew), to Pres. Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Meshaal -
Head of Hamas, and to Abu Marzuk - Deputy

Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, which I attach.

We would be very grateful to you if as editor of al-Monitor, you could

help us to publicize these letters, and to send them on to the Palestinian
and Hamas Leaders.

We hope the Letters will convince Khaled Meshaal and Abu Marzuk to change
their attidtude toward Israel,

and to change their hatred Hamas Charter to an objective, rational and
peace one, *as it is in their interest*.

We also hope that Khaled Meshaal will force Mohamed Daif to stop rebuilding
the death tunnels leading from Gaza

into Israel. This could lead to a new war! Both the Palestinians and the
Israelis have suffered enough -

WAR IS NOT THE WAY! We have to stop the rivers of blood flowing on both

The way to PEACE between Palestinians and Israelis is mutual recognition of
national aspirations.

We thank you for your excellent articles on the Middle East,

and we are looking forward to your response.

Prof. Ada Aharoni

IFLAC President



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Attachment: Peace Plea from Iflac to Hamas (PDF) (2).pdf
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