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*María Cristina Azcona*

*María Cristina Azcona*

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Subject: At long last the materials you asked for
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Hi Bruce and Maria-- I have solidly been "on the road' with events and
programs, and also moving my residence within New York.

Below, and attached, is a new bio for me and attached is a photo.   Let me
know if other things are needed re the support of your new organization.

also for a GREAT EZINE (free color internat magazine on all this work, see
this archive:
feel free to use it!

*also note that the new global Interspiritual Network website is now up at
www.interspirituality.com <http://www.interspirituality.com/> *

*Kurt Johnson, Ph.D.  *Kurt Johnson has worked in professional science and
comparative religion for over 40 years and is a prominent figure on
international committees, particularly at the United Nations.  In
comparative culture and religion Kurt has been on the faculty of New York
City’s One Spirit Interfaith Seminary for 12 years and is the co-author of
the very influential 2013 book on the future of world religions: *The
Coming Interspiritual *Age.  In science, a PhD in Evolution, Ecology and
Comparative Biology he was on the staff of the American Museum of Natural
History for 25 years and is currently associated with the McGuire Center
for Biodiversity at the University of Florida.  He has published over 200
scientific articles and seven books, including the popular science bestseller
*Nabokov’s Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius*.  In 2015
his book on science and the arts, *Fine Lines*, will appear from Yale
University Press along with two chapters in a United Nations NGO
publication:  *Ethics, Spiritual Values,* *and the New United Nations
Development Agenda*.   On the interface of science and religion, Kurt has
presented regularly at The Science and Nonduality Conference and the
Parliament of the World’s Religions and published articles on this
inter-relationship in *Kosmos Journal* and *The Contemplative Journal*,
along with discussions with philosopher Ken Wilber published and
audio’d at *Integral
Life*.  Kurt is a founding member of the international Contemplative
Alliance and also serves as President of the Friends of the Institute of
Noetic Sciences and on the advisory board for the American Association for
the Advancement of Science’s Panel on Science, Religion and Ethics.  At the
United Nations he serves on the Executive Committee of the UN NGO Committee
on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns and the NGO Forum 21
Institute.  Formerly a monastic for over 10 years, and active in
contemplative and sacred activism across several traditions, Kurt is also
an ordained Eco-Minister and recently co-edited the *Namaste Insights*
internet magazine on the eco-vision of interfaith pioneers Thomas Berry and
Wayne Teasdale.

Best of luck in all you are doing!
Dr. Kurt Johnson
The Coming Interspiritual Age <http://www.thecominginterspiritualage.com/>

[image: image] <http://www.thecominginterspiritualage.com/>

The Coming Interspiritual Age <http://www.thecominginterspiritualage.com/>
The Coming Interspiritual Age is a long-awaited follow-up to Brother Wayne
Teasdale's classic The Mystic Heart:
View on www.thecominginterspi...
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ISDnA: InterSpiritual Dialogue 'n Action <http://www.isdna.org/>

[image: image] <http://www.isdna.org/>

ISDnA: InterSpiritual Dialogue 'n Action <http://www.isdna.org/>
In 1999 Brother Wayne Teasdale coined the term "InterSpirituality" —
visioning all the world's spiritual traditions evolving together toward an
ultimate shared Cons...
View on www.isdna.org <http://www.isdna.org/>
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