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Dear Paul, thank you so much for your educational resources.  I have carefully 
saved them and will go through them when I have some time.  Its such a positive 
thing to do to share the educational knowledge that you have with us, 
sincerely, Hilarie Roseman

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                [wwpoenglish] Interfaith Resources for Peace-Making from Pau


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Subject: [wwpoenglish] Interfaith Resources for Peace-Making from Paul McKenna
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*Interfaith Curricula, Do-it-yourself Workshops & Educational Resources* Dear 
interfaith colleagues:

In the last few months, we have added a number of new curricula and useful 
educational resources to our website collection. These resources includeonline 
courses, toolkits, best practices, do-it-yourself workshops, activities, 
multifaith prayer services, guidelines, games, meditations, Powerpoint. *Extra 
added bonus:* virtually all of these resources can be downloaded free of 
charge. See link below.

These curricula can be used with a broad range of constituencies including 
schools, youth groups, universities, community groups and grassroots interfaith 
organizations. And these resources address a broad range of issues such as 
education, social justice, ecology, peace-building, conflict-resolution, 
spirituality, diversity and global consciousness.

I believe that this is one of the most comprehensive collections of interfaith 
curricula on the Internet. Please feel free to forward this link and 
announcement to colleagues and to post on websites and social media.
Here is the link:


Paul McKenna

Scarboro Missions Interfaith Dept.

2685 Kingston Road

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M1M 1M4


Tel. 416-261-7135 ext. 296

*“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be 
happy, practice compassion.


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