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*-------------| DL.NetZine · Number One · May 1st, 2002CE |------------*

 <title>DL.NetZine #01</title>
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 A regular column with the current issue as subject-matter.
 The current quote(s) being displayed on DigitaLucifer.
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 Lame feature showcasing DigitaLucifer.Net's current book
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 A summary of my favorite Slashdot.Org articles at the time.
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 The editor's profile. Not a regular feature but all
 contributors may have profiles if they wish.
 Text-constructed art for the dark and ugly.
A Dissertation About Nothing
 An essay|article about life, death, and moral obligation.
Sumer And The Third Reich
 An essay|article about various connections between the
 mid-twentieth century Nazi movement and Germany's excavations
 in Northern Iraq, aka Sumer|Babylonia.
Registrar War
 An ongoing documentation of the current subtle-yet-growing war
 for your dollar from domain registration.
 Links to websites that DigitaLucifer.Net hosts.

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 Well,  here's the first issue of DL.NetZine, the  DigitaLucifer
Digest.   Alot,  if not all,  of the  information on  the site  will be
distributed in here on a  fairly regular basis.  The zine's only coming
out when there's enough content to put it out but hopefully that should
be fairly regularly. You people are all very welcome to contribute your
articles, poetry, quotes, ascii art,  raving dissertations, or anything
else you feel like typing out! In fact, I would love to have a somewhat
large group of contributors ensuring this gets done.   Give it a bit of
thought,  kiddies,  and drop me a line here:  netzine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Enjoy the first issue!


   "You need only two tools. WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move
    and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use the tape."
    - C. Leigh Nic Fhionghaile

   "000000:   67 6f 64 20  69 73 20 64  65 61 64 0d  0a"

   "I would, that I could, make myself devour raw your flesh for the
    evil you have brought upon me."
    -Achilles (to Hector)

   "The Germans do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to
    confine gods within walls or to portray them in the likeness of any
    human countenance. Their holy places are woods and groves, and they
    apply the names of deities to that hidden presence which is seen
    only by the eye of reverence."

   "Man is certainly stark mad. He cannot even make a worm, and yet he
    will be making gods by the dozens."

   "The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the
    absence in Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum."
    -Havelock Ellis

   "To create robots that devour flesh is to step over a line that we
    would be insane to cross."

    <bahaha> is deep red any good?
    <HorrorgasM> whats that
    <bahaha> a band
    <HorrorgasM> well they suck then
    <bahaha> how is that?
    <HorrorgasM> i heard theyre all gay
    <bahaha> oh

    vvraith9: ever get yr birthchart done?
    scabulous666: birthchart?
    vvraith9: yeah sort of like a skymap of where everything was when
        you were spawned from thy mother's snatch
    scabulous666: nah
    vvraith9: everything's connected by lines and mine has a big ole
        pentagram in it. i bet yours has a big ole star of david
    scabulous666: yours has the wiccan pentagram
    vvraith9: nope my single point is facing down. is yoru single point
        face your mother's anus?
    scabulous666: yup
    scabulous666: nice
    vvraith9: you're gonna be a star, my boy... a star of david
    scabulous666: ima send a hose straight up your ass, shoot gasoline
        inside and light it on fire
    vvraith9: you'd like to stick your hose in my ass wouldnt you. you
        put the ho in homo, you didnt even buy me dinner, biatch
    scabulous666: i wouldnt have charged you if you wanted to jug down
        loads of cum.  but, you wanted the tossed salad so i made you
    scabulous666: sick bastard
    vvraith9: suck my peppercorn dressing, you ceasar salad eating jew


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<a href="http://www.digitalucifer.net"; target="_blank">digita|ucifer</a>


The Secret King: Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler's Lord of the Runes
Translated by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D. -=- Edited by Michael Moynihan
Dominion Press | Rûna-Raven Press

The Lord of the Rings trilogy -=- J.R.R. Tolkien
Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King


 I took a gander over at the lovely |Slashdot.Org| this afternoon
and here's what I found...

   Phil Zimmerman and PGP at CNN.com
   Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday April 22, @01:19PM
   from the stuff-to-encrypt dept.
   rick_campbell writes "CNN is carrying an article about Phil Zimmerman
   and the fact that  Network  Associates  is  dropping support  for the
   commercial version of  Pretty  Good  Privacy.  The article includes a
   little bit of Phil's take on the situation, a little history and some
   discussion of why this happened and what alternatives exist."

   GPL's Strength
   Posted by Hemos on Monday April 22, @07:52AM
   from the the-strength-of-the-gpl dept.
   Morty writes  "So,  why hasn't the  GPL  been successfully challenged
   yet?   In this  article,  Eben Moglen,  General  Counsel to the  FSF,
   explains that the  GPL  is in a stronger   legal  position  than most
   licenses.   Most licenses  restrict the  user  from doing  what would
   otherwise be  legal. Because the GPL (and presumably, other free/open
   software licenses)  let the user do things that are otherwise illegal
   (copy and redistribute software),  the  GPL is in a stronger position
   to dictate terms.   If the user doesn't accept the terms of the  GPL,
   the default is for copying  and  redistribution to be forbidden under
   copyright law. I had never looked at it that way before. . ."
        Linked: {http://moglen.law.columbia.edu/publications/lu-12.html}
   "The license does  not  require  anyone  to  accept  it  in  order to
    acquire, install, use, inspect,  or even experimentally modify GPL'd
    software. All of those activities are either forbidden or controlled
    by proprietary  software firms,  so they  require  you  to  accept a
    license,  including  contractual  provisions  outside  the  reach of
    copyright,  before  you  can  use  their  works.   The free software
    movement  thinks all those activities  are  rights,  which all users
    ought to have;  we don't  even  want  to  cover  those activities by
    license.  Almost  everyone who uses  GPL'd  software from day to day
    needs no license, and accepts none.  The GPL only obliges you if you
    distribute  software  made  from  GPL'd  code,  and only needs to be
    accepted  when  redistribution  occurs.  And because no one can ever
    redistribute without a license,  we can  safely  presume that anyone
    redistributing GPL'd software intended to accept the GPL. After all,
    the  GPL  requires  each  copy  of  covered  software to include the
    license text, so everyone is fully informed."

   Smart Cameras To Predict Crimes
   Posted by chrisd on Monday April 22, @05:55AM
   from the the-computer-is-your-protector dept.
   hairybacchus  writes:   "The  Independent  News   is  reporting  that
   scientists  at  Kingston  University  in  London have developed video
   processing software that  is able to predict behavior patterns of the
   people on-screen. They say it will be used to alleviate congestion in
   the  London Underground  or alert  police to  potential  muggings.  I
   wonder  how  long it will  be  before  this  is  combined  with face-
   recognition technology?  It's spooky." I can't wait. "We searched you
   because the computer told us to." Trust the Computer

   Spyware Makers Resent Cleaned-Up Versions
   Posted by timothy on Thursday April 25, @07:13PM
   from the have-some-injury-with-your-insult dept.
   Tri0de points to a  ZDnet  artcle on a programmer who's taken it upon
   himself to release spyware- and adware-free versions of popular file-
   sharing programs. "'He's done Grokster and iMesh. And he's not alone.
   His work,  now available  through the  Grokster  and  iMesh  networks
   themselves,  joins  that  of other  programmers  who have  previously
   "cleaned"  programs  such as  Kazaa  and  Audiogalaxy  in a  campaign
   against "adware" and "spyware." Is the shoe on the other foot?'"
               included link: http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1105-891761.html

   RIAA Wants Taxpayer-Funded IP Police
   Posted by CmdrTaco on Friday April 26, @09:36AM
   from the you-can't-make-this-stuff-up dept.
   Sydney Weidman writes  "RIAA has given  testimony  before  the  House
   Appropriations Committee  asking for more federal money for  Computer
   Hacking  and  Intellectual Property investigation teams. You can find
   RIAA's side of the story here and a  Cnet story is available as well.
   Apparently, RIAA is not satisfied with the current deployment of CHIP
   teams since they have been more  involved in  anti-hacking activities
   than in anti-piracy.  My favourite Hilary Rosen quote: "Piracy is not
   a private offense,  it hurts everyone by diminishing the incentive to
   invest in the creation of music."  I guess Rosen won't be happy until
   each and every  pirate is charged with  crimes  against  humanity and
   convicted by the International Court of Justice"
 testimony link: http://www.riaa.org/pdf/WolfhearingTestimony4-23-02.pdf
                    riaa's side: http://www.riaa.org/PR_story.cfm?id=511
                   cnet story: http://news.com.com/2100-1023-891521.html

and in related news... ;)  -= MUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! =-

  The Culture of CD Burning
  Posted by timothy on Tuesday April 23, @02:05PM
  from the yeast-yogurt-and-mp3s dept.
  An anonymous reader points to this "good article from the Boston Globe
  about the culture of CD burning,  and how hard it will be for the RIAA
  to stop  it.  Some  interesting  quotes:  'There's a  "sex appeal"  to
  burning CDs,  says [Sheryl] Crow, adding that it is a social event for
  young people,  just as listening to  45s  was once a  social event for
  their parents. ' An interesting  one from  Hilary Rosen:  "I ask them,
  'What have you  done  last  week?'  They may say they wrote a paper on
  this or that.  So I tell them,  'Oh, you wrote a paper, and you got an
  A?  Would it bother you if somebody could just take that paper and get
  an A too?  Would that bug you?'  So this sense of  personal investment
  does ring true with people."  Seems like at  least one musician thinks
  his A paper is being peddled all over town.

I grabbed these from links in Slashdot articles...
  "The Tokyo District Court last week ruled that Tokyo-based  MMO Japan
   is prohibited from offering users its online  file-swapping  service,
   dubbed File Rogue.  That decision, which marks the first court ruling
   in Japan on the issue,  comes just weeks after a  Dutch appeals court
   essentially rejected  liability against  file-swapping software maker
   Kazaa for distributing its code."

  "3Com puts firewall on an NIC
   17:01 Thursday 25th April 2002
   Peter Judge
   Firewalls built into network  interface  cards help offload work from
   the processors of desktop PCs, and aid centralised security
      3Com  has launched a  network interface card (NIC) with a firewall
   in firmware,  to minimise  risks and enforce security policies inside
   the enterprise. The NIC is intended for desktops and servers.
      Embedded Firewall  is a  firmware  version  of  Secure Computing's
   firewall, and  loads onto the  3CR990  --  a 3Com NIC that includes a
   processor and  memory intended to support extra applications.  So far
   the  3CR990  has been  sold  with an  encryption  application,  which
   offloads encryption tasks from the host CPU,  but the firewall is the
   next security application in a list which 3Com intends to add."



March 29, 2002 - Issue 16 of the TinyApps.Org Newsletter...
The 5k contest is going on now {http://the5k.org}.  For those not in the
know,  this is a  contest  wherein the contestants create a website with
HTML and  CSS allowed of a  size of  5 kilobytes or less.  The best ones
win, yadda yadda.  I've been so busy this year,  maybe I'll give it a go
next year... These were last year's winners:



 "fully functional 5k calendar"

I was very happy to see a non-installing version of  BK ReplaceEm  added
to the  TinyApps  list.  Its a  very  powerful  text  search and replace
program that runs in under  413kb  zipped.  Very sweet, I use it all the
time. link: http://www.flex.com/~mdw/bkrepl.zip



 I am a fairly hateful person. I have great disdain for those who
would seek to cause harm  in my life to myself or those I care for.  For
the masses I feel merely indifferent until they become, to my perception,
individual and  give me reason  to either  like  or  dislike them.   The
majority acheive the latter.  Now, I embrace this part of my personality
wholly and with  great pride.  I dedicate  as much time  to hating those
whom I hate as I do loving those whom I love.  Selective  misanthropy is
what I've oft referred to it as - I can think of no better term. I find,
with this, a kinship in others who feel the same or similar.  I befriend
and  associate  with those  who have made a  name  in hatred  and  those
capable of great & mighty hatred.  I also tend to be disruptive  towards
chatrooms,  making it a  pasttime to fuck with people,  per sé.  I enjoy
taunting them, finding weaknesses and exploiting them, deceiving them...
what can I say, its fun!  I definitely am selfish, but not so much as to
cause harm to  those I care for.  I love  those whom I love wholly,  and
hate those whom I hate just as wholly.  In balance,  there is peace with
 There are  more aspects  to myself  than  will be  outlined on a
profile  page.  There are  more  aspects  to any one  mind  than can  be
outlined in some hypertext markup.  I will, though, touch on a subject a
bit dear to me: music. I like many things. What I am listening to at the
moment is most prevalent in this  moment  so  I will mention that first.
Emperor's  'Beyond The Great Vast Forest'  is coming  through  my stereo
speakers and Emperor's  'Towards The Pantheon'  will follow it.  In this
particular genre, I enjoy the following fairly frequently: Dark Funeral,
Dimmu Borgir,  Venom,  Acheron,  Emperor (obviously),  Marduk,  and some
others not  present in my mind  this moment.  Other genres  I frequently
indulge my ears in are:  Industrial,  Electronic,  Death Metal,  Thrash,
Grindcore, Hardcore  (80's and current),  Punk (all sorts, not including
the  Blink182/Green Day [ugh]  flavor),  Classical / Symphonic (Mozart's
'O Fortuna' lives on forever!),  "Goth",  Grunge,  and  various  noise .
ambient  .  chaotic  .  experimental projektz that can be found home and


 ##        A         SSSSSSS      CCCCCCCC IIIIII IIIIII ##
 ##       AAA       SSS   SSS    CCC   CCC  IIII   IIII  ##
 ##      AA AA       SSS        CCC      C   II     II   ##
 ##     AA   AA       SSSSSS   CCC           II     II   ##
 ##    AAAAAAAAA          SSS  CCC           II     II   ##
 ##   AAAAAAAAAAA          SSS  CCC      C   II     II   ##
 ##  AA         AA  SSS   SSS    CCC   CCC  IIII   IIII  ##
 ##           .:: Art For The Dark And Ugly ::.          ##
 ##            -*- ASCII-AFDU Piece # 001 -*-            ##

     -<[paste image here]>-

|>-------------------{/Dissertaion About Nothing}---------------------<|

 The Mythological Implications of Superstitious Twits:

 A Dissertation About  Absolutely Nothing  Targetting
 The Efficient Waste Of Your Time, or "Hello, World!"


 Really now, who knows what lies beneath the folds of time
and further more,  who gives a shit?  As it was stated many times
previous to this work of text:  you are born,  you grow live feed
develop devour,  and you amount  to what in the end?  What is the
sum of your life?  Does anyone care?  Did anyone notice?  Did you
even give a shit if anyone noticed? Likely negative in all of the
aforementioned respects -- and justly so!  What it all comes down
to is this:  you are living /your/ life and /your/ life only,  so
in /your/ life, please  yourself.  Who cares  about the mysteries
of the universe? If they don't just fall into your hands, they're
a waste to even  know because you  will never use them  -  having
wasted your life looking for them.   If they do indeed fall  into
your hands,  seek global domination!   Set yourself  forth and do
what your  little heart contents!   You are not obligated for any
reason under any  universal  ethical  moral tenet  to improve the
world.  Live life and live it enjoyably.   It is good to remember
though, that if you are an asshole to people, they will make your
life  fucking miserable  and if you  are an  asshole  to your own
planet then it will make your life really fucking miserable... so
don't be a dickhead about enjoying life.


 In this little tidbit,  I  will  go  over why some of the
things I just stated are complete  and utter bullshit.   First of
all,  it should be noted that there are absolutely  no  absolutes
(and anyone familiar with the critique of writing knows I will be
highly criticized for stating a  paradoxal truth  such as that --
but fuck all, I'm making a point!) - this includes completely the
existence of the exceptions to each and every rule.  There are in
this world laws and rules and  patterns in which everything flows.
Each and every one of these laws, rules, patterns (and everything
else  in  known   existence  for  that  matter) has  atleast  one
exception, in alot of cases multiple. People grow too comfortable
with their laws and flows of the universe,  failing to comprehend
the exception -- even when its right smack in their  fucking face
taking a putrid dehydratedly-dark  piss in their mothers' mouths.
It's  pathetic and I really fucking hate those people.  They will
never amount to shit nor will they /ever/ have even a  shimmer of
hope of evolving.

|>--------------------{/Sumer And The Third Reich}--------------------<|


   It  is  the  purpose  of  this  essay  to  outline  the
connections  between  Sumerian culture and the Third Reich that I
have discovered in my research  into the world of the  Sumerians.
Some readers of this essay may mistakenly  surmise that  I  am  a
Nazi.   This is not so.   I do not hate any one race.   My hatred,
though owned by the masses,  is directed at  specific people  and
attitudes.   I have derived  some connections in my research that
have led me to  conclude the  overtaking of  Sumer  by the  early
Semitic  nomads  was an  influencing  factor  in  Hitler's  quest
against the Jews.   I have  presented this theory  to many people
whom are  knowledgeable  in this  area of study  and the  general
response is, "coincidence". If it is merely coincidence, then boy
what a coincidence!


1.  Ninhursag birthed the god Nazi to heal Enki.
2.  One of the cultures to produce the Swastika was Sumer (it
    symbolized power).
3.  The early Semites destroyed/took-over Mesopotamia. Hitler
    killed many Jews during WW2.
4.  Hitler studied Sumerian culture. Germany was one of the
    nations excavating Sumer around that time.

 List Expanded:

I.  The Sumerian tablet titled, 'Enki And Ninhursag: The Affairs
    Of The Water-God', reads:
        Ninhursag: "My brother, what hurts thee?"
        Enki: "my [unknown word] hurts me."
        Ninhursag: "To the god Nazi I gave birth for thee."
And later in this tablet:
        Enki: "Let Nazi marry Nindar"
The name Nazi translates to, "to destroy the past", or "destroyed",
in the Sumerian language. "Na", is a Sumerian word that when used
as a prefix denotes  past-tense.  "Zi",  can mean  either  "life",
"breath",  "soul", or "to destroy". In a past-tense, Na-Zi can be
translated as one of the following: lived, soulless, or destroyed.
Either way,   Na-Zi would  regard an end to life  in some form or
another.   The traditional  origin of the term  Nazi is "National
Socialism".  Every  single person  I have presented the theory of
the term actually being derived from the deity claim it is merely
coincidence.  They say there is no way National Socialism is just
a mask, a smoke screen,  for the true purpose of the Third Reich.
Maybe National Socialism  was a convenient cover.  If so,  it was
obviously very effective.  These consulted  people also deny that
the Nazi  movement had any  connections with the occult.  This is
definitely for lack of facts.  There has been much uncovered to a
side of the Nazi movement which studied and practiced the occult.
Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS,  appointed Karl Maria Wiligut
as head of Prehistory in the SS.  Wiligut discovered and put into
practice ancient Germanic rituals,  some of which Himmler himself
partook.  For those wishing to reference this or review documents
pertaining directly to this,  I highly reccomend  the  Rûna-Raven
Press book,  The Secret King.  It is  translated into  English by
Stephen  Flowers, PhD.  A  great  deal of the  symbolism directly
involved with the  Nazi  movement had  Runic roots.  Wherever the
source may be  debated,  the  Nazi  movement  had  strong  occult

II.  Many regions  produced the  swastika,  the  most  well-known
being the  Nordic.  The one I am focussing on here is Sumer.  The
swastika was a symbol of power to the  Sumerians.   It symbolised
the eternal cycle of power. To the Sumerian, it was life, just as
it symbolised Odin's Wheel in Nordic cultures, the eternal cycles
of time.  This is not to say the true source for the swastika was
Sumer, but perhaps it helped in their decision to utilize it.

III.  Around 2000 BC, Semitic nomads invaded Mesopotamia and over
time  the  region  became   dominantly  Semitic,  and  eventually
completely Semitic.  Signs are pointing  to the war waged on Jews
by  Hitler to have motivations in this act.  That the destruction
of  Sumer  by the  Semites  could  be an  influencing  factor  in
Hitler's war is not an impossibility.

IV.  It is well-known  that  Germany  studied  Sumerian  culture.
Around the time of the  Third Reich,  Germany was one of the many
cultures excavating  Mesopotamia.  It wouldn't be  too far off to
surmise he  discovered  a few  things  about  their  culture that
fueled this quest.


 It is my personal conclusion that,  though it was not the
main reason, the destruction of Sumer by the  Semitic peoples was
an influencing factor in  Hitler's  quest against the  Jews.  The
Jewish people were not the only ones slaughtered and may not even
make a majority of them,  but they were a very prominent piece of
the  Concentration Camps.  The focussing on the Jewish population
of these camps is reminiscent of the  Roman Empire's execution of
Christians.   The Christians  did not  make up  even  close  to a
majority of the criminals put to death in the  Roman Empire,  yet
they focus on that particular people more than any other, just as
the Jews have this focus on them in the death camps more than the
Gypsies,  homosexuals,  or any  other peoples put to death there.
Why is it that the Judaic variants of people have more importance
in history than everyone else?   Maybe it is  because  the people
writing the history books are of the Judaic pantheon of variants.

|>-------------------------{/Registrar War}---------------------------<|

transcription of letter from VeriSign

Domain Name Expiration Notice
Reply by: April 19, 2002
Renewal Rate: $29 annually per domain name

1) Complete the attached form.
2) Provide credit card information for payment.
3) Sign the form to authorize your renewal, transfer and payment.
4) Fax form to 1-866-234-4134 or mail it in the enclosed envelope.

it then proceeded to list domain(s) for renewal and give space
for cc info & such.

email from service@xxxxxxxxxxx

Please be aware that Verisign, Inc. (formerly Network Solutions)
is sending via the US Mail, what we believe to be deceptive and
predatory domain expiration notices.

The purpose behind these notices is to get the unsuspecting
customer to transfer to and renew their domain name(s) with
Verisign Inc. at significantly higher prices.

The domain expiration notices are designed so that it is not
obvious that the notices are from Verisign, Inc. as opposed to
Go Daddy Software. To see a copy of one of these deceptive
expiration notices, please go to the following URL:

Those customers who fall prey to the Verisign, Inc. scheme will
have their domain name(s) renewed at a price more than 3 times
higher than would be the case if they renewed with Go Daddy

For a .com, .net or .org domain name renewal, the victimized
customer would pay $29.00 to Verisign, Inc. instead of the $8.95
charged by Go Daddy Software.

Those customers who fall prey to this scheme, will not receive
any better service or value. They will however be tricked out of
$20.05 per domain name.

Renewal notices from Go Daddy Software are sent via email, and
always mention the Go Daddy name. You can be sure that any
communications you receive concerning your domain name that do
not explicitly and obviously display the Go Daddy name are not
from Go Daddy Software.

If you believe, as we do, that this practice of Verisign Inc. is
misleading, predatory and improper, we invite you to make your
feelings known by writing to ICANN (who is the governing body for
all Registrar's and Registries) and to Verisign Registry. Email
links for both are provided below.


Bob Parsons, President
Go Daddy Software, Inc.

ICANN Registrar Complaint Form (hosted at InterNIC)

VeriSign Registry Customer Service
Phone: 703-948-3200

Letter submitted to ICANN via complaint form

Yesterday, March 22 2002, I received in the mail a letter from
Verisign stating that it was time to renew my domain. Keep in
mind now, they are not nor have they ever been my registrar.
Though price is not the issue, their service is roughly twenty
dollars more than GoDaddy's (my registrar) therefore if I had not
noticed the small Verisign logo at the top corner and realized
what this was, I would have lost that bit of money. According to
an email I received from my registrar this morning, Verisign is
doing this to all or most GoDaddy customers. To me, this is bad
business practice and just plain predatory advertising. The
letter was laid out and written as if they were my registrar when
indeed they never were. Please do look into this. Thank you for
your time.

Email received from another host and registrar i use

Dear *****,

ICANN has sent the following notice regarding 'fraudulent'
solicitation coming from a 'dispute resolution; provider:

Many domain-name registrants are receiving "Domain Dispute
Notification" mailings from an entity identifying itself as
"XChange Dispute Resolution." The mailings falsely state that
XChange is an "ICANN authorized arbitrator" and that the
registrant must mail in a "security deposit fee" to defend
"ownership of the domain name."

A scanned copy of the deceptive mailings is available at:


The mailing instructs registrants to send a check for the
security deposit, made payable to "XChange Reciprocal Services"
at 490 Fallon Road, Petaluma, CA 94952-9655.

The sender of these notices has not been approved by ICANN as a
provider of dispute-resolution services under ICANN's Uniform
Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP). The authoritative
list of all approved providers is posted on the ICANN website at:


Registrants should not send money as requested by this notice.
Registrants who receive the notice should contact an appropriate
governmental law enforcement/consumer protection agency to report
the incident. Recipients can also fax the notice to ICANN at
+1 310 823-8649.

The complete text of the advisory is available on the ICANN
website at:

Remember, when in doubt, ask Doteasy. We are always glad to
answer any questions in efforts to protect our customers.



The Doteasy Team
'Join the hosting revolution!'

To be continued...


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