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 Hi all. 

Despite all of my efforts to the contrary, it seems that I am not able to feed 
yahoo group into another yahoo group. Therefore, for the past month or so, I've 
been manually sending quickphilosophy posts over to wittrs. I'm going to stop 
doing that, because I don't want to be a secretary any more.

If any of you want to have your posts go to wittrs, you'll need to do a couple 
of things: (a) copy the mail to wittrsamr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and (b) make sure you 
are signed up over there. http://www.freelists.org/list/wittrsamr

If I receive a mail addressed to wittramr, I'll go ahead and add you for a 
silent subscribe (no mail).    

Regards and thanks.

Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.
Assistant Professor
Wright State University
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