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  • Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 01:26:52 -0000

Hi, Sean.

Thanks for going to all that time and trouble.  Let me ask you, do you think 
the WITTRs members generally WANT the posts from this forum anymore--or do more 
of your members just consider it spam?  I mean, Maybe we shouldn't cross-post 
this stuff anymore unless it's welcome there.  Anyhow, with respect to my own 
posts, I'll do whatever you think makes sense.


--- In quickphilosophy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Sean Wilson <whoooo26505@...> wrote:
>  Hi all. 
> Despite all of my efforts to the contrary, it seems that I am not able to 
> feed a 
> yahoo group into another yahoo group. Therefore, for the past month or so, 
> I've 
> been manually sending quickphilosophy posts over to wittrs. I'm going to stop 
> doing that, because I don't want to be a secretary any more.
> If any of you want to have your posts go to wittrs, you'll need to do a 
> couple 
> of things: (a) copy the mail to wittrsamr@... and (b) make sure you 
> are signed up over there. http://www.freelists.org/list/wittrsamr
> If I receive a mail addressed to wittramr, I'll go ahead and add you for a 
> silent subscribe (no mail).    
> Regards and thanks.
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