[Wittrs] [quickphilosophy] Re: An Anscombe Error Regarding Negation?

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> Isn't the problem the question of whether any kind of negation sign 
> could be said to be a picture of anything?

Yes, but as I suggested in my reply to Anscombe, I don't see what strictly 
prohibits it.  For example, if the two fencing stick figures means that the 
Joneses have separated, in answer to your question "So, have they??" a picture 
of the twain with their swords on the ground might mean that they have not.  In 
my view the picture theory breaks down because "picture" is as malleable as 

This "non-impossibility" seems to me to be in line with pretty much everything 
you've written in your last several posts, which I generally agree with.  It 
also suggests that we two (and Neil as well, as I read him) agree with many of 
W's own later criticisms of the Tractatus.  

One thing I do want to ask you, though, is why you say that W is thought to 
deny that there are logical truths.  His position in the Tractatus seems rather 
to be that every necessary truth must be a tautology (and he struggles with 
those statements like, "If this is green it is not red." which seem not to be 
empirical, but which can't easily be analyzed into a "p v -p" form.


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