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Sean Wilson <whoooo26505@xxxxxxxxx> updated Wittgenstein's Family and Cancer:

 From Alexander Waugh's, The House of Wittgenstein: A Family at War, pp 275-276

 After telling the story of Ludwig dying of prostate cancer; of his father, 
Karl, dying of cancer of the tongue and mouth; of Hermine, Ludwig's oldest 
sister, dying of gynecological cancer; and of Paul, Ludwig's brother, dying of 
prostrate cancer -- Waugh writes:   

 "If ever there were a case to show that cancer is a genetic disease, the 
Wittgenstein family should be submitted as the first exhibit of concluding 
proof. Eighteen months before Hermine's death Maria Salzer (Helene's daughter) 
was killed by cancer. [Helene is another of Ludwig's sisters -- sw] In time 
both Helene's daughters and several of her granddaughters as well as her 
great-granddaughters would be stricken by the same disease. Helene herself died 
of it in 1956. She had not seen her brother Paul since 1938."


 Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.

 Source: The House of Wittgenstein. A Family at War 


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