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Sean Wilson <whoooo26505@xxxxxxxxx> updated Joan Bevan's Account of 

  John Bevan was Dr. Edward Bevan's wife. Wittgenstein had taken residence with 
Dr. Bevan after his cancer had reached a severe stage. Following his death, 
Mrs. Bevan had the following to say: 

  “My husband Edward met Maurice Drury in the war and they became very 
friendly, and in the course of their conversations he told Edward about 
Professor Wittgenstein …  Shortly after his [Wittgenstein’s] return from 
America in the autumn of 1949 where he had been staying with the Norman 
Malcolms and had been taken ill – he sent for my husband – and from this 
encounter our friendship and close contact originated … . It was remarkable 
that he never discussed or tried to discuss with me, subjects which I did not 
understand, so that in our relationship I never felt inferior or ignorant. He 
was completely unconscious of his own appearance, he was very fussy about his 
personal cleanliness – but it was utterly without vanity. He seemed to know 
what was going on in the world though he never ever read the papers or listened 
to the news on the wireless. He was very demanding and exacting although his 
tastes were very simple. It was UNDERSTOOD that his bath would be ready, his 
meals on time and that the events of the day would run to a regular pattern."

  -- Joan Bevan [allcaps substituted for italics in original; Paragrpahs 
condensed into one -sw]

 Sources: Michael Nedo, Michele Ranchetti, “Ludwig Wittgenstein, Sein Leben in 
Bildern und Texten, Suhrkamp,” 1983 at p. 475;  and Michael Nedo, Guy Moreton 
and Alec Finlay, “Ludwig Wittgenstein, There Where You are Not,” 2005, at p. 85.

 Regards and thanks,

 Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.

 Source: Ludwig Wittgenstein: There Where You Are Not 


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