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> Martin:
> Neil, in case it helps, the TLP was written at a time of reaction
> against idealism, and when Frege's Begriffschrift was highly
> influential, encouraging philosophers to think that thought was
> being constrained by the inability of ordinary language to express
> concepts clearly.


It's not actually a problem.  I am reading TLP with no expectation  that
it could work, but still interested in what W was trying to do.  Perhaps
I'll be surprised, though since W later rejected it himself,  that seems

Incidently, my remark to which you responded was intended as an  aside,
not as something to discuss in this group.

> Martin:
> It's odd, and Derrida often points it out forcefully, that
> philosophers are so enamoured of elementary descriptive statements,
> such as "snow is white".

I don't see that as a problem.  They use simple statements to 
illustrate their points.  Perhaps more of a problem is that they  are
mainly concerned with true statements, and people spend much  of their
time watching soap operas (fiction, so false statements).

Anyway, enough of this side branch for now.



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