[quickphilosophy] Countdown

  • From: wittrsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: quickphilosophy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 17:59:12 -0000

Hi, folks.

I called this group "quickphilosophy" because I wanted to read through various 
papers or books fast (there are already several "slow reading" groups at 
yahoo--FWIW, they're horrific).  To have such a quickphilosophy group, however, 
requires commitment from a number of people. I had grave doubts whether I'd 
have critical mass here to actually get through anything (my Trollope list, 
which reads through some fat AT novel every few months has over 300 members, 
with maybe a couple dozen active ones, while there are only 8 in total here).  
It's pretty clear at this point that my concern was sensible.  Please know that 
I'm not chastising anybody. No one should or was expected to do this reading or 
contribute here unless it was fun for them.  I recognize that people are busy 
with many things, and maybe they're already on too many similar lists already, 
they don't like the stuff that's been suggested, or whatever.  None of those 
are any sin.

Anyhow, I have the choice of getting more members, continuing this as some sort 
of blog--where I pick the literature, do all the summarizing myself and maybe 
one or two others occasionally comment,  or just blowing it up.  I already have 
a (usually dormant) blog at myspace, so I don't see the point of another one of 
those.  So, if any of you can get a few other members (who aren't crazy or 
wildly annoying) who have the time and interest to read and summarize speedily, 
I'd consider keeping this group up, but otherwise, I'm scheduling a (really 
cool!) demolition later this weekend.

With many thanks for helping me understand the Tractatus and this Fodor paper 
better I remain,



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