[quickphilosophy] Re: An Anscombe Error Regarding Negation?

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> Martin:
> That provokes some other interesting (to me anyway) thoughts. Could
> you have a "pictorial" language even if you were a mindless
> robot? After all, we can always behave mindlessly, or build mindless
> robots to do it for us and save us the trouble. But would it solve
> anything?

In effect, NASA does use something like a picture-theory language  for
sending back reports from unmanned space missions.  And they  do seem to
solve something.

Let me expand a bit on my earlier comments.  As you said, a picture 
theory seems to imply that there is an isomorphism between linguistic 
expression and the world.  And this would seem to imply a fixed 
isomorphism.  It seems to me that the mind engages in inventing new 
isomorphisms.  There is perhaps some sense in the idea that language  is
a composite of many parts, with different isomorphisms for each  part,
and that we make up suitable isomorphisms as we go along.



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