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> Can you explain how to hold Dennett's position that consciousness 
> is just a function of certain processes performing certain tasks
> implies anything dualistic?

Dennett holds to a computationalist theory of mind, i.e., he believes strong AI 
= true. 

But strong AI = true iff dualism = true:

"Historically, scientific developments in the West that have treated humans as 
just a part of the ordinary physical, biological order have often been opposed 
by various rearguard actions. Copernicus and Galileo were opposed because they 
denied that the earth was the center of the universe; Darwin was opposed 
because he claimed that humans had descended from the lower animals. It is best 
to see strong AI as one of the last gasps of this anti-scientific tradition, 
for it denies that there is anything essentially physical and biological about 
the human mind. The mind according to strong AI is independent of the brain. 
[Strong AI is thereby dualistic -gts] 

-Searle, "Is the Brain's Mind a Computer Program?"



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