[Wittrs] Re: What the Man in the Room Knows (and when does he know it?)

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--- In Wittrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Gordon Swobe <wittrsamr@...> wrote:

> I take it that you mean here that humans such as Searle lack the
> mental capacity to operate a formal program for conversing fluently
> in Chinese; that you find it implausible that any human brain could
> handle such a gargantuan task. I agree.

Okay.  It is good to have a point of agreement.

> But according to the computationalist theory of mind, ordinary brains
> do exactly what we agree they cannot do. And if computationalism =
> false then strong AI = false.

I am not arguing for computationalism.  You can count me as a skeptic
on that.  The only thing I have been arguing in recent posts in  this
thread, is that Searle failed to demonstrate his claims.

Searle's conclusion might even be correct.  I have only been pointing
out that his argument did not succeed.


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