[Wittrs] Re: Syntax and Semantics in Mathematics

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> review the material I quoted from the Wikipedia article:

> "According to formalism, the truths expressed in logic and
> mathematics are not about numbers, sets, or triangles or any other
> contensive subject matter ? in fact, they aren't 'about' anything
> at all. They are syntactic forms whose shapes and locations have
> no meaning unless they are given an interpretation (or semantics)."

> in what way does that contradict the claim that syntax is not
> sufficient for semantics?

Let's try paraphasing that.

I am sitting down sucking on a lemon.  I remark that the lemon  is sour.
Joe overhears this, and asks "In what way does that  contradict the
claim that chocolate does not taste good?"

I am at a loss for words.  I am not sure how to respond.  But I do
wonder what Joe has been smoking lately.


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