[Wittrs] Re: Strawson on Experience and Experiencers

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Bruce wrote.
>  >Which is to say, would you agree, that the relationship between the
>  >experiencer and what is experienced is not causal, but, let's say,
>  >instrumental (in the sense of it suits my purpose to take them to
> a lot depends on what you mean by '*what* is experienced'. suppose you
> look at a red ball. would you say that you experience the physical
> object that appears to you as a red ball; or, would you say that you
> experience redness, roundness and so on?

I would say "I see a red ball." If I had reason to doubt my senses, I
might question whether it was physical, a illusion, or, perhaps, an
hallucination. When I'm in my artist frame of mind, I'd might say "I
experience its redness, etc.". But I wouldn't mean that these
experiences floated free of an object.

Does this help with my question?


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