[Wittrs] Re: Strawson on Experience and Experiencers

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> Strawson on Experience and Experiencers

> in _Mental Reality_, Second Ed., Galen Strawson quotes Frege as saying
> "An experience is impossible without an experiencer" and then comments:

> "This is a necessary truth. ... There cannot be experience with a
> subject of experience, because experience is necessarily for someone or
> something --- an experiencer or subject of experience." [p. 129]

> since this proposition (that experience implies an experiencer) has
> occasionally been a topic on this list, I thought I'd invite comments on
> Strawson's recognition of this principle (which he has dubbed "Frege's
> Thesis").
> Joe

We are in agreement on the necessity of an experiencer in the above 
formulation. Where we have disagreed is over what it means to be an 
"experiencer". -- SWM

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