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> Consider Frank Jackson's story about Mary the color scientist as
> it relates to Searle:

It is my understanding that Jackson no longer finds that argument  to be

> While living in a black  white room, Mary the scientist learns
> every possible physical fact about the color red and about the
> perception of red in the brain.  She then leaves her room and sees
> the color red for the first time.

I concur with Budd's comment, that learning every possible physical
fact is simply not credible.

> Property dualists might say that upon seeing red for the first time,
> Mary acquires new knowledge of something non-physical.

However, that newly acquired knowledge was acquaintance knowledge
rather than propositional knowledge.  So this does not contradict the
assumption about having previously learned every possible physical  fact
about the situation.  I'm not at all convinced that you can  infer
property dualism from acquiring acquaintance knowledge.


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