[Wittrs] Re: On computation

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  • Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 22:35:25 -0000

Thanks for the replies.

The word "metaphysical" isn't to be taken in a pejorative sense by Fodor.  So 
maybe you think he is misguided in seeking mechanisms in the brain which would 
make sense of how we (in fact for him) have bona fide mental events, contra the 
weak AIers, some of who being inspired by Wittgenstein and, like you wrote, 
don't necessarily distinguish between strong and weak AI.

I would appreciate a comment on my reply to Stuart today on the nature of 
functionalism being spelled out entirely in second-order properties where the 
computations are concerned.  And I did like your distinction between mechanisms 
and computation.  Do systems repliers have to fuzz the distinction between 
software and hardware?


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