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Cayuse writes:

""I experience" is a mode of common speech that leads our thinking
astray. It is possible to extricate oneself from the concomitant
error, but it requires due diligence. Then it can be seen that the
idea that there is a "hard problem" is part of that error."

I believe that I experience the above thoughts as a mish mash.  I agree that a 
Wittgensteinian is astute in noting that sometimes people say the darndest 
things.  So someone says something like "I experience."  What are we to make of 
it?  They are conscious for one.

That this leads to the hard problem is no argument that it leads our thinking 
astray.  Hacker might think it is senseless to hypothesize that the brain 
causes consciousness, but he may be just nuts for all I know.

Is the point of linguistic analysis to thwart research projects that seem 
venerable to part of the community of language users?  Seems to me that that 
wouldn't be much wittgensteinian a position to hold.  Better to be silent about 
some language uses?  Sometimes for sure.  But not all the time.  But this leads 
to a way of doing philosophy that Wittgenstein both initiated given his 
"ordinary language" silencing of the skeptic and may have abhorred given that 
even for P. M. S. Hacker there are things philosophers say that can and should 
remark on what is possible scientifically speaking.

I refer to Searle's reply to Hacker (the book on Philosophty and Neurobiology) 
on the possibility that some philosophers like Hacker would have us not do good 

But there really is work for the philosopher independently of certain 
particular scientific research programs.  Austin would applaud some of Searle's 
work and it is a type of work that can be pursued by independent thinkers.  Who 
knows, consensus on some issues.


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