[Wittrs] Re: I Experience in Ordinary Language

  • From: "Cayuse" <z.z7@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 13:42:58 -0000

BruceD wrote:
When I ascribe personhood I'm not purposing there is concrete
entity which is the person, yet I'm saying that the person is embodied
in his body. In that sense, the human body is expressive in the way
that sticks and stones are not.

I ascribe personhood to a particular class of objects as a result of the
linguistic conditioning to which I have been subjected over my lifetime.
I ascribe personhood primarily to human beings but I often widen my use
of the word to apply to some non-human animals like dogs and horses
because they show such distinctive "personalities". I don't understand
the idea of a person as something that is "embodied in his body"
(as though the person were distinct from the body and its behavior).

BruceD wrote:
Again, I'm not postulating, I'm not adding anything to ordinary
experience which comes with this polarity, namely, a world of objects
and me the one who experiences the objects. These two come as one
piece. You seem to want to split off one piece,viz., the experiencer and
have the object of experience hanging out on its own.

The polarity you mention consists of a world of objects and a particularly
significant object within that world, specifically the object that is
modeling that world and modeling its own place within that world. The model
includes the ideas of sensory input and of the processing of the information
obtained through those senses, and the idea of motor output based on that
processing, as they pertain to a certain class of objects within that world
(the afforementioned "particularly significant object" being a member of
that class). The idea of "conscious experience" (in the sense in which Joe
and I were discussing it) has no application in that world given that it is
non-empirical and that the sensorimotor control loop leaves no role for it.


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