[Wittrs] Re: I Experience in Ordinary Language

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  • To: wittrsamr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 01:28:00 -0000

--- In Wittrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Cayuse" <z.z7@...> wrote:

> what added value is there in postulating the existence
> of something that "consciously experiences"

Again, I'm not postulating, I'm not adding anything to ordinary
experience which comes with this polarity, namely, a world of objects
and me the one who experiences the objects. These two come as one piece.

You seem to want to split off one piece,viz., the experiencer and have
the object of experience hanging out on its own.

Do you hold to the doctrine that pencils exist apart from a person that
conceives of that object as a pencil?


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