[Wittrs] I Experience in Ordinary Language

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  • Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 14:34:50 -0500

Gordon Swobe wrote:

>Just joined this list. Hello to my friends Budd and Sean Wilson (didn't
>expect to find you here Sean!)

hello, Gordon. welcome to the list.

>--- On Thu, 3/4/10, gabuddabout <wittrsamr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>Cayuse writes:

>>>""I experience" is a mode of common speech that leads our thinking
>>>astray. It is possible to extricate oneself from the concomitant
>>>error, but it requires due diligence. Then it can be seen that the
>>>idea that there is a "hard problem" is part of that error."

>>I believe that I experience the above thoughts as a mish mash. I
>>agree that a Wittgensteinian is astute in noting that sometimes people
>>say the darndest things. So someone says something like "I
>>experience." What are we to make of it? They are conscious for one.

>I agree but I think your thought here needs some expansion. I think our
>favorite philosopher Searle will agree that we cannot assign
>consciousness based only on speech behavior. We need also look at the
>physical structure of the supposed conscious person.

>If that person reports subjective experiences and if that person also
>has a nervous system like ours and sense organs like ours then we may
>conclude rightly that the person has a conscious mind.

having concluded that other people (except, possibly the severely brain
injured and comatose) have subjective experiences, one wonders what can
be said about it.

perhaps you would care to comment on this interesting quote from your
favorite philosopher:

"Conscious states exist only when they are experienced by some human or
animal subject. in that sense, they are essentially subjective. I used
to treat subjectivity and qualitativeness as distinct features, but now
it seems to me that properly understood, qualitativeness implies
subjectivity, because in order for there to be a qualitative feel to
some event, there must be some subject that experiences the event. no
subjectivity, no experience." [Searle. Consciousness and Language. p. 40]



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