[Wittrs] I Experience Self-Referencing

  • From: Joseph Polanik <jpolanik@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wittrsamr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 20:52:06 -0400

Cayuse wrote:

>>>>Cayuse wrote:

>>>Joseph Polanik replied:

>>Cayuse replied:

>>>So you're claiming that there is *no* 'I' that experiences the data
>>>of experience, and you are that 'I'?

>Joseph Polanik replied:

>>my claim is that I experience; and, that I am the referent of the word
>>'I' that I use whenever I assert 'I experience'.

>Sneaky ... you omitted the line to which I was replying

>(re-inserted above and identified by triple asterisks).

the original claim was 'I experience'. you then tried to interpret that
for me.

>>Your claim expands to "there is an 'I' that experiences the data of

I replied "not when I do the expanding, it doesn't" to indicate that you
were *not accurately expanding* my claim. I then gave you an accurate

>my claim, as *I* expand it, becomes: I am the referent of 'I'
>whenever I assert 'I experience'.

one of the differences is that you have 'I' in quotes so that when you
interpret my position as "there is an 'I' that experiences the data of
experience" you are literally saying that the word 'I' experiences the
data of experience.

notice how I carefully related the I and the word 'I' which the I uses
for purposes of self-referencing.

we've previously addressed another inaccuracy:

>>I do not use your phrase 'the data of experience'. it seems redundant;
>>and, its meaning is unclear. you've never explained how the
>>experiences within a stream of experiences count as data.

>If you dislike the word 'data' then feel free to replace it with
>something you feel is more appropriate. Some call it the "contents of
>experience", but the word 'contents' can also be criticized. Whatever
>word you wish to employ, I'm fairly confident that the meaning is not
>obscure to you, especially since you acknowledge that the stream of
>experience consists of what you call "experiences" (plural).

in most cases I would not use either 'data' or any substitute for 'data'
if I could avoid doing so. if not, I might use 'content' or 'contents'.

where you say "that there is data of experience is not in question" I
would simply say "that there is experience is not in question". do you
see any difference between those two statements?



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