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Budd is responding to Stuart.  So ">>" lines are quoted from  Stuart (=
SWM), and ">" lines are quoted from Budd.

>> This misses the point again.

> No it doesn't. It targets your point that parallel processing offers
> us something more COMPUTATIONALLY than serial computing.

Can you point out where Stuart said that parallel processing provides
something special, other than raw compute power.  I seem to have  missed

> That is decidedly false and Searle's CR is equivalent to a UTM and
> ALL possible parallel processing DEFINED IN COMPUTATIONAL TERMS is
> also equivalent to what can be done serially with a UTM.

If computational AI is possible (and I don't assume it is), then
Searle's CR is equivalent to a computer so highly powered that  it could
maybe have one thought every 1000 years.  It is grossly  underpowered
for the job.  And I'm pretty sure that is what  Stuart was pointing out.
That the CR is so underpowered, makes  it implausible as a source of
intelligence.  And since Searle's  argument is at beast only an attempt
to show AI is implausible,  his underpowered equipment makes the
argument very misleading.

> No one is ever going to find that some process or other is
> intrinsically computational.

This actually has no consequences, as far as I can tell.  It's  a side

> The upshot of so saying is that it makes it difficult to distinguish
> the truly mental from nonmental.

> And this is the upshot of the systems reply as a reply to Searle's
> CRA.

I am wondering whether you have ever read the Systems reply.  It has  no
such consequences, and it is actually the correct response to  Searle's
bogus argument.

I'll add that I actually think Searle might be right about AI.  However,
his CRA was a complete failure at showing that.


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