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> > So when Searle is arguing against strong AI, he is not denying that
> > computers need electricity to sustain programs. He is commenting
> > on the thesis that understanding which programs might pass a TT
> > is no good for philosophy of mind because he shows a case where a
> > functional system passes a TT without there being any semantics.
> Two points:
> (1) Searle does not show a case where a functional system  passes a TT;

Agreed.  He shows a possible case via thought experiment which would fool us if 
we were behaviorists.

> (2) Searle does not show that there are no semantics.


> By the way, I do wish that both sides would stop accusing the other
> side of dualism.
> Regards,
> Neil

Me too!  Imagine all the nonreducible items in the world like basketball games, 
rhythms in 3/4 time, and actual thoughts that can be had.  Rortyan pluralism 
for sure.  Check out the following story.

I'm writing a book on how to understand rhythm notation.  I need only start by 
coming up with a symbol (the whole note) and a time signature, say, 1/1 
expressed with a 1 over a 1 without the divide-by symbol.  I can explain what 
both numbers are to represent and move on to fleshing all possible two-feels 
and three-feels by also introducing a whole rest.

And with these two symbols (and a Network and Background for Searle fans!!!) I 
can get at the ground floor from which any possible rhythm may be constructed.  
But it does get as complicated as you can think.

Especially so since we only need binary to allow for how computers work as 
well.  And they do a lot.  But this takes us off topic as far as rhythm is 
concerned.  Not that I only wanted to discuss rhythm forever.  It's just that 
that was to be what this short story is about.  And I asked you to check it out.


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