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> I would like to know if you can find any misstatements in it,
> whether technical or other.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Functional properties are
second-order properties."

You also say "Second-order properties don't cause anything."  However, I
am not sure that properties cause anything, anyway.

Does a surface reflect a certain part of light spectrum because  of its
property of blueness, or does it have a property of being  blue because
it reflects a certain part of the light spectrum?  Does an object resist
acceleration because it has mass, or does it  have mass because it
resists acceleration?

I guess we tend to use the term "property" a bit too broadly and

I'll question your statement "Some claim that computers may cause
consciousness in virtue of running programs (strong AI)."  As stated,  I
don't think that's quite correct.  Rather, I would put it as "Some
claim that computers might be conscious by virtue of running the
'right' program," where what it takes for a program to be 'right'  is
not known at this time.

Note that my comment is only about what others claim, and not  anything
I am committed to myself.


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