[Wittrs] Color Octahedron

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  • Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 19:05:04 -0500

In the Philosophical Remarks, W makes remarks on the Color Octahedron.  But I 
see no explicit description of it (of course).

The only way I have considered its construction is by way of RGB+W and CYM+K, 
so that white is surrounded on edges by red and green and blue, and those press 
against cyan and yellow and magenta (though these three seem like they could be 
otherwise), and black is then opposite of white.

But then, W remarks that if someone thinks they can imagine a fourth dimension, 
why don't they reveal it in colors?  (we already have three dimensional color 

I was curious as to how colored tetrahedrons might stack up.  Maybe white in 
one corner, the three primaries at the three other corners, and a continual 
succession... but now I think a construction would do better than guessed.

Compared to a cartesian system, which has three axis, a tetrahedron has four 
axis.  Does this qualify as 'four dimensional space(-time)'?

How have others handled W's remarks on the color octahedron and the test of 
four-dimensional color space?
He lived a wonderful life.

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