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Sean Wilson wrote on Wed, 13 January 2010 17:45
> So, possible statements are still propositions. It's only the form of the 
> proposition that matters. 


For example, someone claimed that the Bible is full of references to a Santa 
Claus figure.  I asked him where this was to be found in the Bible, for even 
though I have yet to finish it, I have yet to see any such claim.  He cited a 
few random lines of scripture:  I responded that I saw no mention of what he 
was speaking of, but I did see an if/then claim.  And that would, of course, be 
the form of the proposition.

There are, however, numerous statements that I have some difficulty 
differentiating.  Take the statement that many of the prophets made, namely, "I 
am here!"

Is "I am here" tautological or possible?  There is not even any pointing going 
on, but it is quite clear.  Is "I am there" a contradiction?  It appears some 
context is requisite, because it would be quite sensible for someone to utter 
the second phrase if he were speaking to someone on the phone who was guessing 
cities on a map.  But that is not the context of the prophets.

I used to think that in the motto of the TLP, that W. might have been thinking 
something like "I am I", but I was never sure.  I guess I am still not sure...
He lived a wonderful life.

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