[Wittrs] Re: [C] Does The Tractatus Invalidate Itself?

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Your responses have been revealed as their own topics in the Reservoir.  Your 
first seems to end abruptly.  Also, I have to run to work in ten minutes so 
this post will lack in some depth.

I believe the quote (that there are not more than one kind of nonsense) to be 
from one of W's lectures-- and there are a lot, but I am confident that it is 
one of the early lectures like Philosophy or Philosophy of Mathematics.  I will 
have to look this up later, but for the time being you could read the first 
lecture from Lectures on the foundations of mathematics.  This would be more of 
a reply to the comments at the end of your first reply: in that lecture, W 
establishes that a difference in degree is an irrelevant point to make.  And 
this would be from the latter years, of course.

On a side note, I think W valued nonsense above everything else.  His point was 
to recognize the nonsense we utter and also recognize the logic of our language 
so as to not get into petty disagreements.  Tautologies are nonsense, but then 
so is their negation.  And when we arrive at such a situation in debate, we 
should recognize it and say something like, Here we are at the limits of 
language.  Beauty and Goodness and etc. make for bad example, IMO.  God and His 
non-existence make for better examples of tautologies and contradictions.  The 
atheist and theist say nothing that contradict one another.  They are both at 
the limits of language.

As per bachelors: that isn't tautological per se, but a definition.  And you 
counter(?) example of Tiger Woods is practically the same I used elsewhere on 
the Net.  And that would be highlighting the meaning as use of W.

Prop 1 of the TLP defines the world as everything that is the case.  We see 
that case is fact is picture.  But look at the truth table and the notion of 
negative facts.  The world is TTTTTTTTTTTTTT etc.

Thus, his remarks on solipsism:  If the world is a tautology then doubting it 
makes no sense.  Negating it would be a contradiction (FFFFFFFFFFFF...) and 
thus realism and solipsism coincide-- back to that limits of language line.

Anyway, love to stay and chat but I gotta go.

College Dropout John O'Connor

He lived a wonderful life.

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