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> I'm not yet persuaded the first and higher order logic of Frege,
> Russell and Hintikka went anywhere, after feeding computer science
> some good ideas.  In the review mirror, modal logic was useful
> symbolic play but did it really go anywhere on its own?  A philosophy
> that's too brittle just shatters after awhile.

I just had another meeting with Alex (Aris) who leant me the Hintakka
tomes (one his monograph about Wittgenstein, another about Godel, and
the last about him, Jaakko, but Danial Kolak.

We met at DK's on Belmont.

I updated him on my attempts to get some debate going on my thesis,
which is that the kind of logic done by philosophers had some
relevance at the dawn of the computer age, but is currently a dead end
garbage heap tended by people wasting their days.

He said a few words in defense of practicing logicians, but nothing
all that persuasive.

Me:   "Philosophy, in the west at least, is pretty much dead, as a
university subject" I said (paraphrasing).  "It's completely
irrelevant to computer science, the last bastion in which it might
hope to seek refuge" (paraphrasing again).

Then I launched into some diatribe about Greeks versus Romans,
suggesting USAers where tilting towards Rome these days in expressing
their inferiority conditioning.

People who need to express themselves through domination and empire
are mentally weaklings for the most part.  Citing Nietzsche:

One pays heavily for coming to power: power makes stupid. The Germans
-- once they were called the people of thinkers: do they think at all
today? The Germans are now bored with the spirit, the Germans now
mistrust the spirit; politics swallows up all serious concern for
really spiritual matters. Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles -- I
fear that was the end of German philosophy.
Walter Kaufmann, The Portable Nietzsche, Penguin Books reprint, 1977, page 506.

> Anyway, that's a query for investigation.  Logicism still has its
> champions I'm sure, just need to tune them in, perhaps among Quine's
> followers.

I don't blame Wittgenstein for trying to help young men (in his day
that's what there were) from majoring in this dead end discipline.

Coxeter got out while he could.  He liked LW and leant him his
chambers for the Blue & Brown Book lectures.  The whole enterprise was
a sinking ship however, you could see the writing on the wall.
Geometry at least had no need of this nonsense (Coxeter went on to
become the greatest geometrician of the 20th century).

I'm not saying it (philosophy) can't be or has not been revived, just
not yet in the Anglo tradition.  Working on it.  Jumper cables anyone?

> Back to my earlier thread / topic:  I've been sharpening the debate a
> bit, re 21st Century Racism and its prospects in the law:
> Kirby

Kind of Satanic Verses in flavor.

I've got a Christian Racist on the hook and am baiting him.  I use the
opportunity to review a lot of the memeplexes I find going around.  I
healthy humanity would shake off racism and stop pretending "1/64th
black" (or white).

One reason we have such a weak immune system (I would posit) is the
rotting meat, dead center, formerly known as the philosophy


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