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.. I'm not exactly sure I follow. If a name is separate from its bearer -- 
which it surely is -- the same rule for speaking about "the real" seem to 
obtain for speaking about the mythical. You would have to engage in one of 
four behaviors in the service of individuating: (a) point ("This is Aragorn'); 
(b) title ("Aragorn, son of whatshisname, is the one true King); (c) brand 
("Aragorn is DNA profile such-and-such); or (d) describe ("Aragorn is yay tall 
with hair about down to here and a little scuzzy at times. Likes the outdoors).

Names are the behaviors of pointing, describing, branding, or ascribing title 
for the purpose of individuating. Because the bearer of the name need not be 
real or even be in accord with your description  -- see Wittgenstein's remarks 
on Excalibur, paragraph 39, in PI -- you needn't worry about the mythical. Even 
in the realm of the mythical, the name game function as it otherwise does. 

It would be like saying: the way you language generally has to be changed when 
you enter fiction. Surely, genres and styles exist. But I would think the 
language game is pretty much the same thing no matter what.   
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