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... I won't be around the day that Wittrs was founded, on July 7th (2009). But 
since I am around now, I thought it only ceremonious to wish Wittrs a happy 
birthday. A wonderful 2 years old she is. Starting on her 3rd year of life. 
What do you get a beautiful two-year old for her birthday? Well, I got her a 
reformed home page:

http://seanwilson.org/wittgenstein.discussion.html ; (God I love the summer). 

Also, we should clarify something. The day of our independence is, believe it 
or not, July 4th. That is the day that the old Analytic Borders was handed 
over. It was officially "Wittr" for, I believe, 3 calendar days. And hence the 
day of our constitution -- the day of our current nation, if you will -- is 
July 7th. For that is the day that we took our people from the collapsed 
village and disarray that was "Borders." The difference is akin to something we 
find in Moses. As the few dwellers of the aged and empty Borders cursed and 
chased us away, our people -- Wittgensteinians -- were led to a new place on 
July 7th. 

But we did break from our original chains on the 4th, which is, I guess, a 
natural law day of independence.

(All birthdays are perspectival). 

Regards and thanks.

Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.
Assistant Professor
Wright State University
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