[wisb] Waterloo W.A. (Jefferson Co.) - aka "Juncorama"

  • From: Peter Fissel <pfissel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Wisconsin Birding Network <wisbirdn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 18:51:41 -0500

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at the Waterloo Wildlife Area off Hwy 
89 a few miles north of Lake Mills.  Hiked into the conifer plantation and had 
the usual Chickadees, RB Nuthatches, Song Sparrows etc.  As I went farther in, 
I started hearing an awful lot of twittering.  Eventually, I started to flush 
DE Juncos by the dozens near the edge of the spruces, along with scattered Fox 
Sparrows, Pine Siskins and other birds.  The Juncos were all singing, and the 
sound was amazing.  It was hard to get an accurate count, but there were easily 
over 100 - most I've ever seen in one location, surpassing even the largest 
flocks I've ever had on CBCs.  Some of the Fox Sparrows were also singing, 
which always throws me, since I'm not used to hearing them sing.  There was a 
Cooper's Hawk flying around calling occasionally, too.  Thought maybe I heard 
an Eastern Towhee call a few times, but it wasn't a "standard" call and I 
wasn't sure. 
Peter Fissel 
Madison, Dane Co. 
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