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  • From: "Rob Whitmire" <rwhitmire@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 20:19:17 -0500

I packed up my mother the second week of August and we headed to Norfolk, 
Virginia primarily to see my son graduate from the music program at the Naval 
Amphibious Base there and then send him off to the Marine Corps. Band at 
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii(He is a budding birder but he has noticed that there are 
"alot of strange birds out here").  We took some time for a couple of birding 
outings.  Spent one day at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  What a place!  
Primarily, the bird life was the Mockingbird.  We had lots of opportunities to 
"Listen to the Mockingbird".  But the Bald Eagle making trips to and from her 
nest was fun to watch and numerous Egrets out on the water.  We took another 
day to go over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (an interesting experience to 
recommend) and out to Kiptopeke Park.  Very nice  Park and many, many 
shorebirds including Pelicans,  terns ,and gulls galore.  One could spend a 
good deal of time in this area seeing the sights and the birds however, August 
isn't the time to do it unless you are prepared for seriously HOT and STEAMY 
weather.  There are a lot of areas for viewing wildlife and birdlife up and 
down the coast there and people were most helpful in providing directions and 
simply "talking the place up".  Great trip and I would recommend that area to 
anyone when out east. Oh! Did I mention that it was HOT and STEAMY!!!!!  The 
pounds just melt away!
Rob Whitmire
Stevens Point
Portage County
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