[wisb] "Tree"duck ?

  • From: paul bruce <rdjn560birdcrazy@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 22:58:50 -0700 (PDT)

   I wish I had a photo for all you Wisbirders,  but how many cases have we 
heard of  Mallards nesting in trees?   There is such the case next door to a 
friend of my daughters, in west-central Oshkosh.  The female mallard at the 
nest, in a horse-chestnut, of all trees, and about 8 ft. up,  has been actively 
brushing her bill up and down the main trunk, wondering what the blazes she 
was/is doing. This is basically my only main report.  Birding's been painfully 
slow, as I'm sure all of us are feeling the effects of.  Unless your name is 
Daryl, and whoever else are the travelers of the WSO.  Hope you guys strike 
rich sightings!
   Hardly anything else to report,  haven't been up to the Bell's site in a 
while, though I did spend time at the folks house a week ago Monday.  Birding 
was lousy if not poor.  But the only consolation prize was a lone Common Tern, 
flew past the dock.  Hopefully I can get out before June ends.  My species 
number for June averages out to 75.  Though I'm at 78 now, I still can use some 
easy grabs out in the country zones and maybe get 85.  
   For now, 'til later, good birding
   Paul Bruce, Oshkosh
   Winnebago Co.


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