[wisb] Snowies this winter.

  • From: Dave Freriks <dhfreriks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 06:43:21 -0600

     William J. mentioned that the lemming population might be way down this 
year which is entirely possible. I did read a report on another list that 
Snowies had a really good breeding year this year. Not sure of the validity of 
that report, but it's possible that a higher than normal population on their 
normal haunts is pushing some birds south as well. Hopefully there is truth to 
that report.  Either way, it's looking to be a good winter for people in our 
area to get out and see these magnificent birds!  In talking to non-birders and 
beginning birders  while watching and photography both the Sheboygan and 
Horicon Snowies, and also in times past,  I don't think there is a better bird 
out there that the average person will notice and be as excited to see.  This 
gives all of us a chance to help get more people  turned on to our hobby and 
also to be aware of the need for bird and habitat conservation in general.     
   Assuming that they stay around,  the bird in Sheboygan is readily viewable 
from the harbor and there is a viewing deck that allows good views of the 
harbor at the main building by boat storage. It flew around a lot while we were 
there and it was not overly concerned with fishermen on the piers or boats 
nearby in the water.  The birds at Horicon were very close in to the road 
yesterday and as long as everyone stays in their vehicle they will pay no 
attention to you. They were about 3/4 of the way down Dike Rd on the right hand 
side yesterday morning spending most of their time sitting on muskrat lodges. 
Good numbers of other raptors around as well.  We don't get a chance to every 
year to readily view these birds......take a drive  and see them if you like 
and consider bringing a non birding friend or two! Especially young people! I 
was at a presentation last evening and in talking to a lady next to me, she was 
really concerned that they were having a hard time getting any younger people 
to attend the meetings or field trips.       I did get more photos yesterday at 
Horicon,  haven't had time to go through them yet. If anyone is interested just 
check my pbase site out in a day or two.
Dave FreriksS. Ohio/ Saukville WI
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