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  • From: Daryl Tessen <bhaunts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 15:37:38 -0600

I worked along Lake Michigan today.  While the wind was not as strong  
as yesterday, there was still enough to make it really cold when  
walking.  Milwaukee had good numbers of waterfowl, but not too much  
variety.  Best were Redheads south of South Shore Park, between the  
breakwalls.  Also present were Hooded Mergansers.  The only gulls I  
could find anywhere along the Milwaukee lake shore, and not many of  
them, were Herrings.  Two female Black Scoters were seen on the north  
end of South Shore Park.  A male Canvasback was among the other  
standard diving ducks at Petroleum Pier.  Large numbers of ducks were  
off Bradford Beach, but nothing unusual.
Port Washington harbor had 25 Ruddy Ducks, 3 Hooded Mergansers and  
standard diving ducks.  Only a few gulls were present that included a  
small number of Ring-billeds.

Harrington Beach SP was quiet, as Steve noted yesterday.

However Sheboygan produced the three hoped for species.  Off Blue  
Harbor the White-winged Scoter was seen almost immediately.  Much to  
my surprise (usually is a jinx bird for me in WI) the male Barrow's  
Goldeneye was found shortly thereafter (less than 5 minutes after I  
had arrived).  I watched it for over 15 minutes, along with the  
scoter.  Surprisingly only a few gulls were in the harbor and up at  
North Point.  At the North Pt parking lot, the female Harlequin Duck  
was moving south from the point, very close to shore.

The goldeneye and scoter were moving in and out from the breakwall  
that has a tree at its south end, as are the other diving ducks.   
When these two are close to the wall, it is impossible to see them  
from Blue Harbor, and also from the Coast Guard Station.  While I was  
there they were frequently moving back and forth, but in view for  
nice periods of time.

Good luck.

Daryl Tessen
Appleton, WI

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