[wisb] Possible Eastern Phoebe (Sheboygan Co.), Snowy Owl (Washington Co.)

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Hi everyone, 
I just talked to a wildlife student who graduated from UW-Stevens Point a 
couple of years ago. She told me that she observed a probable Eastern Phoebe on 
Friday, February 24th in Sheboygan County. The location was at the intersection 
of Highway 23 and Highway U. She said that it was perched on a little shrub on 
the side of the road, which was about 1/4 mile from an open creek. Observations 
about the bird include the following: fluffed out, body smaller than fist. 
flicking tail. gray above, tawny below on belly. She knew that it wasn't a 
Northern Shrike and I am pretty confident in her identification. If anyone is 
in that area, it may be worth a check. 

I also received a report of a Snowy Owl in Slinger (Washington County) on 
Sunday, February 26th at 11:30am. The location was along Highway 41, near the 
intersection with Highway(?) 144. This is by Big Cedar Lake and the Slinger 
Speedway. I don't know if this individual has been reported yet, as there have 
been numerous Snowy Owl reports this year. I figured I would share it either 

I heard and observed two Common Ravens at the Sandhill Wildlife Area in Babcock 
(Wood County) on February 25 and 26. I believe these birds have been here for a 
while, as I remember seeing/hearing them there in Winter 2010. I also heard and 
saw two male Purple Finches there. 

Good birding! 

Alyssa DeRubeis 
Stevens Point, Portage Co. 

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