[wisb] Re: Piping Plover - Milw Bradford Beach

  • From: "Jym Mooney & Carol Lee Hopkins" <hopmoon@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 11:43:53 -0500

Thanks for forwarding this to the list so quickly, Paul.

The PIPING PLOVER was later seen by several folks from the Lake Park Warbler
Walk, and was still present at 10:30.  It was found on the north end of
Bradford Beach, and was very cooperative.  It has a complete breast band,
and I almost blew it off as a semi-palmated plover, but something made me
look more closely.  The upper parts were pale gray, and the underparts clean
white.  The face did not have the dark eye-band like SP plovers; rather the
face was light gray with a whitish eyebrow, which really made the large dark
eye stand out.  The breast band was black and thin; there was a black line
across the brow, bright orange legs, and a short, thick bill.  The bill
appeared mostly dark to me, but another later observer told me they detected
a lightening of the darkness at the base of the bill.

A lifer for me, and very nice to be able to share it with the Warbler Walk
group today.

Jym Mooney, Milwaukee

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Jym Mooney reported seeing a Piping Plover on Bradford Beach at about  
7:40 am on Saturday May 1st.

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